Trump Has Added More Lobbyists To His Cabinet In 3 Years Than Barack Obama Did In 2 Terms

Trump's promise to rid Washington of corruption and special interest influence was just one of the many lies he told his supporters to get elected.

This is Why Trump Is Desperate to Stop Lewandowski from Testifying

The Mueller report revealed Lewandowski knew what he was doing was wrong regarding helping Trump obstruct justice.‬

The FBI Helped Republicans Hide and Lie about Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assaults

The FBI only interviewed nine of the ten witnesses they were allowed, and they didn’t bother with witnesses who confirmed other accusations against Kavanaugh. The FBI also didn’t use the entire week.

Ted Lieu Says Mueller’s Testimony Will Confirm That Trump Is A Felon

The Democratic lawmaker said the committee he sits on will take Mueller's testimony as an opportunity to expose the president's crimes.

Republicans Insult Sexual Assault Victims By Circling The Wagons To Defend Alex Acosta

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday morning that Trump’s labor secretary Alex Acosta is doing a great job in the wake of the new Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking indictment.

Rachel Maddow Reveals New Scandal That Could Sink Mitch McConnell

If you're wondering why the Senate majority leader has sold his soul to protect this corrupt and unfit president, look no further.

Key GOP Lawmakers Won’t Say If They’ve Read the Mueller Report

Three out of four chairmen and ranking Republicans wouldn't even respond when asked how they reviewed the report.

GOP-led Senate ignores pleas for underfunded election cybersecurity which is ‘strained to the breaking point’

As the U.S. government prepares to defend the 2020 presidential election from cyber threats, the federal agency charged with helping administer elections, the Election Assistance Commission, says it is “strained to the breaking point,” according to Chairwoman Christy McCormick.

GOP Senator Who Demanded Review Of Obama Golf Trip Ignores Trump’s $102 Million Golf Outings

Trump golfs more than Obama

President Trump is costing the U.S. taxpayer $102 million plus for his golf outings, and because he refused to divest himself of his business interests like all other presidents have done, he is making money off of his outrageous expenditures.

Robert Mueller Fears the Truth is Political So He Won’t Testify Publicly

Robert Mueller seems to have succumbed to his party's attacks on truth, which is truly unfortunate for this nation and a black mark on the Republican's resume.

Mueller's team has expressed reticence to him testifying publicly because they do not want him to appear "political."

Rural Iowans ponder Trump alternatives as China trade war drags on

U.S. farmers, who helped carry Trump to his surprise 2016 election win, have been among the hardest hit as China has imposed tariffs on imports of U.S. agricultural products including soybeans, pork and grain sorghum in response to U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods.

Now, increasing frustrations over the prolonged dispute are prompting some rural residents in Iowa, home of the first presidential nominating contest in February, to consider candidates other than President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.