Opinion: There’s A Reasonable Explanation For Why Trump’s Approval Numbers Went Up Last Week — And It’s Nothing To Fret About

Trump admits he would commit a felony to win.

The ineptitude and general inability of President Donald Trump to function properly and appropriately in his role as chief executive were known well-before these past few weeks, but the coronavirus crisis has seemed to highlight what we’ve already understood for quite some time: if the United States ever faced a real crisis with Trump still in office, it would be a very, very bad thing. read more

Opinion: Defiant evangelicals are part of Trump’s death cult with Americans’ blood on their hands

It is not entirely clear if an alarming number of churches flagrantly defying social distancing orders are doing so for the money or for Trump’s reelection efforts, but they are jeopardizing the population as well as their fellow zealots. Regardless the reason for the “pack the churches” crusade, it is driven by Trump’s greed and lust for power  – exactly like the evangelical malcontents endangering American lives. read more

Opinion: Trump weaponized COVID-19  and has Americans’ blood on his hands

Trump did not create the novel corona virus (COVID-19), but through his ineptitude, narcissism, and mendacious propaganda he weaponized it and aided its deadly spread throughout the United States.

Any semi-intelligent person understands the necessity of reflecting on their, or others, past mistakes to avoid repeating a bad situation; particularly when that bad situation adversely endangers human life. Donald Trump cannot, and will never, come to terms with the fact that anything he does could be misconstrued as a mistake or wrong, because he thinks he is perfect. It is almost certainly why Trump’s Surgeon General told reporters during a press briefing, likely on Trump’s orders, to stop pointing fingers, criticizing, or assigning blame for the corona virus’ spread in America. read more

Opinion: Clinging to Sanders’ ideology will keep Trump in the White House for four more years

Bernie Sanders african-Americans establishment conspiracy

Adhering to an ideology is not inherently wrong by any measure. However, when strict ideological embrace portends certain defeat in a national election to determine the fate of the country, a pragmatic person will moderate their position. It is a sad commentary on America, but there is a group of ideologues who will “stand their ground” regardless of the consequences to the nation – these are the emoprogs waging war to take down the Democratic Party. read more

Nancy Pelosi Let Us Know This House Is Not Accepting a Shoe-in Dictator from a Reality Show

Your repeated ripping – don’t miss this, folks - let us know that you were not having it; this House is not accepting a shoe-in dictator from a variety-reality show/rally. Your calm, deliberate hands, here in the last few seconds of this game, will become an iconic image of discipline, restraint, civility, and yes, diplomacy. Historic. Heroic. Classic. Classroom stuff.

Opinion: Trump Defends Cyber-Bullies As Melania Holds Annual #BeBest Campaign

The bullies of America know that Donald Trump has their backs. The bully can  even be a race horse, for whom Trump will tweet a defense. Politically correct “MAGA” talk show hosts, people who are known to bully and harass on social media, can count on Trump to cry “censorship” when they are acted against. Naturally, Trump’s passion for free speech only applies to the free speech protections for his own tribe. read more