Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option As America’s Racist Undercurrent Boils Over

The president of New York's Metropolitan Republican Club advises a far-right group in Germany that endorses shooting migrants, forgetting the Holocaust, and is "Nazi-friendly."

Opinion: Why Sherrod Brown Should Be An Instant Democratic Frontrunner In 2020

Democratic primary voters would be smart to put Sherrod Brown – a man uniquely qualified to expose the fraud of Trumpism – on their personal shortlist in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi Is The Perfect Salve For Trump’s Sexist Criminal Chaos

Pelosi is not just doing her job to finally put a constitutional check on this presidency -- this crime and ethics violation ridden presidency, but she is quietly giving the women of this country the feeling that they matter and she won’t let this subjugating tyrant get off on hurting people anymore.

Nancy Pelosi Won the Wall Battle For America And The People

Those who claim this was a fight between parties are ignoring that one party was doing the will of the people, while the other was not. The Speaker got it done because it was the right thing to do and it should be remembered that she is not the person who held the government and 2 million people hostage over a failed campaign promise.

It’s Time To Publicly Shame Trump And The Russia Scandal Liars

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA‘s co-publisher Sarah Jones.

The day before a judge admonished Trump‘s former National Security Adviser for selling out his country, suggesting that Flynn committed treason, former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone admitted to spreading lies on Alex Jones’ conspiracy oriented InfoWars. read more

Editorial Cartoon: ImPEACHment Tie

Editorial Cartoon: ImPEACHment Tie

Opinion: Mueller Hints That Mike Pence May Be Indicted Soon

Mike Pence thought he could avoid controversy, and stay far enough away from Trump’s criminal scandals to inherit the presidency after Trump’s ouster. He even thinks that is God’s will.

The problem with this thinking is that it would mean Pence had to avoid not just controversy, but also criminal behavior. But it seems it hasn’t worked out that way. read more

I Went to the Tree of Life Synagogue and What I Found Surprised Me

I went to the Tree of Life Synagogue on Friday to follow up on the horrific slaughter of eleven innocent Jewish and I was surprised by what I felt and found.

The first thing I found was love.

Editorial Cartoon: Respecter

Editorial Cartoon: Respecter

Vote With Your Remote: Tell The Media To Stop Pushing Trump Caravan Lies

The media is going to continue to help Trump push his caravan lies until you tell them to stop by voting with your remotes.

Tweet Shows Trump Planting Seeds For Political Bombing In 2012

The master of projection has managed to totally freak out reality once again, as Donald Trump tweeted on this day in 2012, "Be careful of an Obama "bomb" to win election! Would be a horrible thing to do."

Reality Check: It’s not a ‘Liberal Mob’ It’s Right Wing Terrorism and It’s Dangerous

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA’s co-publisher Sarah Jones.

The mob is real; it’s Republican, and it’s dangerous. The media needs to do its job regarding Trump and the Republicans’ dangerous rhetoric against Democrats and liberals. read more

This is War: Women Are In Pain and Republicans Are Mocking Us

But by Monday, I knew it was a lifetime war. Tuesday I knew I would get there. And I will.

The Grand Old Rapist Party Had Its Coming Out With Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Republican Party is officially the party of rape and victim shaming after they did everything that they could to be on the wrong side of sexual assault during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Editorial Cartoon: The Big Lie

Editorial Cartoon: The Big Lie

A Sexual Assault Survivor Explains Things Slowly to GOP Rapist Enablers

People tell me I can’t speak about this because I am biased. I disagree.

I have mentioned this in passing before, but now I’m going to come out with the story of an ongoing sexual assault that happened to me at work, so that I can use it to explain things very slowly to Republican enablers of rapists. read more

Editorial Cartoon: Presidential Polygraph Test

In the Name of the Rule of Law Kavanaugh Must Be Stopped

If confirmed, Neil Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade. That’s despite the rhetorical pat on the head he gave Senator Susan Collins while telling her not to worry her pretty little head about it. Without question, Kavanaugh will attack civil rights with a gusto that only white supremacists and neo-Nazis could love. read more

Yes, Democrats, It’s Absolutely Time To Start Running On Impeachment

If the GOP wants to be the party that refuses to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, that's their decision. But Democrats can and must do better.

Sexism in Action: The False Notion that Nancy Pelosi is ‘Polarizing’ But Mitch McConnell Is Not

Why is Leader Nancy Pelosi labeled “polarizing” when Republicans, with whom the majority of the public does not agree, are not? I asked her this in an exclusive interview and she told me “They’re afraid of me, they’re afraid of women.”