Opinion: Russia Is Celebrating That Trump “Burned The United States” On His Way Out

If there was any doubt that dirty Don Trump was a gigantic asset in Vladimir Putin’s attempt to inflict damage on the Western world, particularly the United States, this week Russian media confirmed what every sane American already knew was fact. Trump was Russia’s candidate and although he is a loser, Russians are celebrating that he “burned the United States” on his way out of office. read more

Opinion: Why The Election Results Should Terrify Decent Americans

Although at the time of this writing there is no for-sure, definitive justification for celebrating the result of the election, there is no better time to state emphatically that if former Vice-President Joseph Biden is declared the official victor, America’s social woes will not disappear.Simply put: the nation’s nightmare will not end when, and if, Joe Biden officially wins the election. read more

There Are No Democrats In Disarray Just 2020 Corporate Media Failure

The following is a PoliticusUSA editorial by Editor in Chief Sarah Jones.

President-elect Joe Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, but Democrats didn’t expand the House as predicted or take back the Senate (pending Georgia run offs). This has led to endless “Democrats in disarray” hot takes. Yes, we have just narrowly escaped the sweaty clutches of a wannabe autocrat and already the press is concerned about Democrats. read more

Opinion: Trump And Republicans Are Intent On Decimating America’s Democracy

At the rate Republicans, led by Trump, are attempting to stop voting, it is glaringly apparent they hate democracy nearly as much as they detest the U.S. Constitution. When Donald Trump refused to say if he would allow a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win re-election, it should have sent a shockwave of outrage throughout the population; that it did not informs that Americans are well aware that Republicans do not subscribe to the notion of representative democracy. read more

Opinion: Trump’s Supporters Are As Un-American As He Is

No sane humanremotely believes dirty Don Trump cares one iota about America, its people, or the democracy the rest of the world respected just four years ago. Trump is simply un-American.

Although Trump epitomizes the word un-American, the fact that he has significant support from people who claim to be “real Americans” is very telling about their lack of devotion to this country’s ideals,their fellow citizens, the U.S. Constitution or democracy. Trump acolytes are the antithesis of real Americans – exactly like their demigod Trump. read more

Opinion: Citing “Law And Order” Trump’s Department Of Homeland Security Defends A Murderer

There are three words that political pundits and commentators have used ad nauseam since the day after dirty Don Trump’s very poorly-attended inauguration – “unprecedented and wrong.” It is as true a description of this authoritarian administration as anything, and yet each time it is uttered it explains a worse Trump atrocity. This past week was no different. read more