‘Something Is Going Wrong’: Maddow Sounds The Alarm About Trump’s Apparent Mental Decline

Trump's instability has gotten worse in recent weeks, and it comes at a time when America and the world are in need of stable leadership.

Chris Hayes Calls Trump A Never-Ending Category 5 Disaster

As Trump signals that he doesn't care or know much about climate change, the policies his administration keeps enacting are making the problem much worse.

Opinion: Trump Screams at Shadows as the G7 Acts To Save the Rain Forest from Conspiratorial Ignorance

During the G7 summit, we saw Trump figuratively screaming at shadows while the responsible countries decided on a plan to save the Amazon rain forest.

The world laughs at America as the madman occupying the White House continues to spout insane conspiracy theories and obsesses over getting Putin readmitted to the G7. read more

Trump Goes On Insane Twitter Spree As New Orleans Floods Ahead Of Tropical Storm Barry

With New Orleans already underwater ahead of Tropical Storm Barry, Donald Trump went on a wild retweet rampage on Twitter.

Trump Doesn’t Mention Climate Change Once In A Speech About The Environment

Donald Trump bragged about what he calls his successful environmental policies, but he didn't utter the phrase "climate change" a single time.

Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump’s Massive Cover-Up Of Climate Change Research

One major step in combatting the climate crisis is to replace Donald Trump with any one of the 20+ Democratic candidates running for president.

Trump Hides Dozens Of Government Studies On Climate Change

The Trump administration is refusing to publish dozens of government studies on the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Trump Claims He Made The Air Cleaner Just By Being President

Trump clean air Ireland

In Ireland, Trump claimed that the US now has the cleanest air and water in the world through his being in the White House.

Bill Nye Lights Up GOP Congressman Who Pretends Not To Understand Climate Change

Bill Nye Thomas Massey climate change

Bill Nye took on Republican Rep. Thomas Massey who claims to be an electrical engineer, but he doesn't understand climate change.

Joe Biden Just Destroyed The Myth That He’s Not Tough Enough On Climate Change

It's flat-out wrong for anybody – whether they're on the left or right – to say that Joe Biden has been a sellout on this issue.

Trump Administration Rejects All Science As A ‘Democrat Thing’

An official in the Trump administration gutted endangered species protections and mining regulations because they deemed a science to be a "Democrat thing."

Democrats Outsmart Mitch McConnell On Green New Deal Sham Vote

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been giddy over bringing the Green New Deal up for a sham political vote, but Democrats saw through the scam.

The Washington Post reported:

Yet the vote amounts to a political show vote as President Trump and Republicans deride the Green New Deal, but few in Congress have worked on crafting a bipartisan approach to deal with climate change. read more