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Air traffic controllers’ union sues over unpaid work during government shutdown

By Daniel Wiessner (Reuters) – A union that represents thousands of U.S. air traffic controllers filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Friday claiming its failure to pay the workers during an ongoing partial government shutdown could endanger passengers’ safety. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association said that requiring 16,000 controllers to work without…


Where Trump flipped counties, worker incomes grow more slowly

In the 220 counties that flipped from voting for Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2012 to Republican candidate Donald Trump in 2016, the average worker earned about $46,000 in the 12 months through March, up 1.9 percent from a year earlier. That compared with a 2.6 percent increase to around $56,000 for the country as a whole, according to a Reuters analysis of Labor Department data.

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