Another Blue Wave Is Brewing As Trump’s Numbers Collapse In 10 Swing States

It's still early, but Trump's lagging numbers in key parts of the country are setting the stage for another blue wave in 2020.

Democrats Tighten The Screws As Trump Lies About Shutdown Progress

Trump sent out a tweet touting the progress being made toward ending the shutdown. The problem is that none of it was true.

Ari Melber Tears Into The Media For Big Mistake Of 2018: Understating The Anti-Trump Blue Wave

The biggest political story of 2018 was the major revolt against the Trump presidency by American voters – and the media largely brushed it under the rug.

Record-Breaking Blue Wave: Democrats Won The 2018 Midterms By Widest Vote Margin Ever

The Democrats' raw vote margin from the 2018 midterm elections broke the previous record they set in the Watergate era midterms.

Joy Reid Tells Democrats To Stop Taking The GOP’s Bait On Nancy Pelosi

Instead of continuing to take the GOP's Pelosi bait, Democrats should stick to the issues that got them elected in massive numbers earlier this month.  

It’s Official: Arizona Goes Blue As Martha McSally Concedes To Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

It's stunning that Democrats were able to gain two Senate seats in a year when they were playing almost exclusively in GOP territory.

Strong Early Results Put Andrew Gillum On The Verge Of Turning Florida Blue

If Democrats win the governorship and retain the Senate seat, it would be a huge loss for Trump, who made frequent campaign stops in the state.

Republicans Should Be Terrified As Voters Are Breaking Hard For The Democrats On Election Eve

Something has happened in the final days of this campaign that should terrify the Republicans: Polls are breaking hard for the Democrats.

Turnout Is At Presidential Levels In County That Could Decide Which Party Wins The House

The reason that Republicans should be concerned about high turnout is that, historically, the more people who vote, the better Democrats do. 

Maxine Waters Tells Trump That His Time Is Up As Democrats Have Figured Out How To Defeat Him

Instead of following every shiny Trump object, strong progressive candidates have essentially ignored the president's distractions. It's paying off.

Trump Demands The Media Report The News His Way

It is no secret to the American public, that Fox News is Mr. Trump’s favorite news outlet, with Fox & Friends being his go-to show.

As Charles Blow, Opinion Writer for the New York Times makes clear: read more

Democrat Andrew Gillum Tells Trump To Take His Toxic Politics And Stay Out Of Florida

The contrast between the two political parties couldn't be more clear with less than a week to go before voters cast their ballots.

Green Party Senate Candidate In Toss-Up Arizona Drops Out And Urges Supporters To Vote Democrat

The contest between Sinema and McSally has been one of the closest Senate elections in the country with polls showing the race a virtual tie.