Joe Biden to Talk to Senate Democrats This Week

Joe Biden knows a little something about being in the United States senate. He began his career there at the young age of 31 and stayed there for the next 36 years. The only thing that got him out of the body was being elected to the Vice Presidency.

The Democratic challenger will be speaking the the Democratic caucus later this week. According to Politico, “Thursday’s conversation is expected to center around mobilizing voters in individual states and discuss helping to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. It will be the first time Biden addresses the full Democratic caucus since receiving the Democratic nomination for president.”

The Democrats will have a number of chances at taking back the legislative body this fall. Polling shows them in prime position to win seats in Arizona, Colorado, Maine and North Carolina. There are also competitive races in Iowa, Montana, Georgia and South Carolina.

Mark Kelly (AZ), Sara Gideon (ME), John Hickenlooper (CO) and Cal Cunningham (NC) are the Democratic challengers with the best hopes of taking over seats with Kelly and Hickenlooper looking like shoe-ins.

Kim Reynolds (IA), Jaime Harrison (SC), Steve Daines (MT) and Jon Ossoff (GA) are all within striking distance of Republican incumbents.

On Tuesday, Mitch McConnell seemed like a man who was worried about potentially losing the senate this fall. He told reporters, “I think the American people should know what it means if the Senate shifts control.”

The current Senate Majority Leader also said that Democrats plan to, “run roughshod over the country.”