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Senator Ron Johnson Says Democrats “Ignore Reality” When They Focus on Russia’s Election Interference

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), in an op-ed for Fox News, claimed Democrats “ignore reality” when they focus on Russian interference in American elections. “Ever since the Democratic National Committee server was hacked during the 2016 election campaign, ‘Russian disinformation and interference’ has been the shiny object that Democrats and the mainstream media have used to bamboozle the…

Trump claims Biden and Harris are plotting to ban cows

Trump: “Covid, Covid, Covid is the Unified Chant of the Fake News Lamestream Media”

“Covid, Covid, Covid is the unified chant of the Fake News Lamestream Media,” President Donald Trump wrote earlier today, recycling his refrain that the media is weaponizing the coronavirus pandemic to hurt his chances at being re-elected. “ They will talk about nothing else until November 4th., when the Election will be (hopefully!) over,” he…

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