Sean Hannity Reminds Trump To Push FBI Conspiracy Theory During Interview

Sean Hannity Trump FBI

Sean Hannity had to remind Trump to stick to his anti-FBI conspiracy claim that he was spied on during a Fox News interview.

Tucker Carlson Claims That Cory Booker Being A Senator Means There’s No White Supremacy Problem

Tucker Carlson Cory Booker

Fox News's Tucker Carlson echoed Mitch McConnell when he claimed that because Cory Booker is a senator, there is no white supremacy problem in the US.

Trump Gets Free Speech Wrong While Refusing To Fire Kellyanne Conway

Trump showed that he doesn't understand how free speech works while refusing to fire Kellyanne Conway.

Fox News’s Napolitano Busts Trump For Election Interference Felony

Fox News Trump e,lection interference felony

Fox's Napolitano said that if Trump takes campaign help from a foreign government meddling in the presidential election, he will be committing a felony.

Fox News Viewers Meltdown After Shep Smith Tells Them To Read The Mueller Report

shep smith Mueller report

Fox News host Shep Smith told Fox News viewers to read the Mueller report in full, and they responded by losing their minds over being told to read.

Fox News Is Now Inventing Fake Mueller Quotes To Try To Save Trump

Fox News is now inventing fake quotes that are the opposite what Mueller said in a desperate bid to save sinking Trump.

Bayer Drops Laura Ingraham After Interview With Trump

One of the last remaining large advertisers on Laura Ingram's Fox News show, Bayer, has pulled their ads hour after her interview with Trump.

Fox News Claims British Trump Protesters Are Really Pro-Trump

Fox News is telling their viewers that anti-Trump British protests have people in them who are really pro-Trump.

Eric Swalwell Busts Fox News In Lie About No Trump Collusion

Eric Swalwell Fox News no collusion

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) caught Fox News in a lie as they tried to push Trump's line of "no collusion."

Trump Is Losing Fox News As His Downward Spiral Accelerates

Fox's Brit Hume blasted Trump for avoiding questions from the channel's journalists as president, as Trump complained about the Buttigieg town hall.

Pete Buttigieg Tells Fox News That It’s Time To Turn Off Trump

Pete Buttigieg Trump grotesque Fox News town hall

Pete Buttigieg called Trump grotesque and said that it is time for America to change the channel during his Fox News town hall.

GOP Congressman Thinks Half Of America Watches Fox (They Don’t).

How many people watch Fox News?

Rep. Dan Crenshaw tried to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren by claiming that half of Americans watch Fox, which is not true.

Elizabeth Warren Slams Fox News As She Rejects Town Hall Offer

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Fox News as she turned down their offer to host a town hall.

Bernie Sanders Is More Popular With Fox News Viewers Than MSNBC

Bernie Sanders support Fox News

Bernie Sanders gets nearly double the support from Fox News viewers (22%) than he gets from MSNBC viewers (13%) in a new poll.

Bernie Sanders is more popular with Fox News viewers than MSNBC viewers

According to a new Morning Consult poll that breaks down support for Democratic candidates based on what media they consume, “The Vermont senator has 22% of the share of Fox News viewers, but only 13% of support among MSNBC viewers.” Fox News is Sen. Sanders best-performing media category followed by Wall Street Journal readers (19%), New York Times and Washington Post readers (17% each). Sanders is getting beaten badly by Biden with both MSNBC viewers (44%-13%) and Fox News viewers (42%-22%). Among MSNBC viewers, Elizabeth Warren is closest to Sanders (10%) followed by Pete Buttigieg (9%), Kamala Harris (7%), and Beto O’Rourke (5%). read more

Report Shows Fox News Lies Daily In Newscasts To Viewers

The myth that Fox has a news side and an opinion side was shattered a by a new report documenting the lies that Fox told to their viewers.

Fox News Turns On Trump And Shatters His Lie That China Pays Tariffs

Fox News China pays tariffs

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace got Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow to admit that China does not pay tariffs, as Trump falsely claims.

Fox Serves The Cult A Fresh Dose Of Kool-Aid By Selling Trump’s Business Failures As Success

Fox News tried to sell Trump being a fraud and a terrible businessman a symptom of his impressive success.

Fox News Freaks Out Over States Requiring Trump To Release His Tax Returns

Fox News is claiming that requiring Trump to release his tax returns or not be on the ballot is interfering with voting rights, which it is not.

Trump Has Gotten Too Crazy For Even Fox To Handle

Trump was so unhinged during a phone interview that Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo was trying desperately to get him off the air.