Fox News Just Called Trump A Loser On Truth Social

Rupert Murdoch is using all of his platforms to trash Trump. He is even deploying Fox News to Truth Social to call Trump a loser.

This is what the Fox News account posted on Truth Social:

Fox News is going above and beyond to make sure that Trump knows that he is not going to be welcomed back to the top of the Republican Party.  Rupert Murdoch has announced that he will not be supporting Trump for a third run at the presidency and is using all of his platforms to deny coverage and dismiss the former president.

The three-time loser statement was quite the jab to share on Trump’s own social media platform. The rest of the country is witnessing the fragmentation of the Republican Party, which is actually going to benefit Trump because if he can keep his 30%-35% of the party with him, he will be in a position to win the nomination.

However, it is looking like a full-scale war between Trump and Murdoch that has the capacity to destroy the Republican Party.