John Oliver showcases the Fox News midterm meltdown on Last Week Tonight.

John Oliver Delights In The Fox News Midterm Meltdown

Last Week Tonight John Oliver showcased how Fox News has melted down and revealed a lot about themselves after Republicans lost the midterm election.


Oliver played clips of Jesse Waters complaining that single women were going for Democrats by 37 points, urban voters were cleaning Republicans’ clocks, and young voters were showing up to vote.

One Fox News pundit thought he had the answer for the Republican defeat, “Democrats were very deliberate in their pitch to young voters. They offered them drugs,  recreational drugs, abortion, paid off student loans, so again, they were actionable policies that they were promising to advance and climate change.”

John Oliver said, “We just don’t have time to go into all of the ways they’re telling on themselves there from being appalled that young people were voting to admitting that they have zero actionable policies. Oh, and climate change as a complete afterthought is a pretty fun way to end that. A nice little cherry on top of a what the f–k have we done sundae.”

Oliver also highlighted Fox News turning on Trump and calling him the past while proclaiming Ron DeSantis “Defuture.”

Oh, no. Republicans are going to try to make “DeFuture” a thing, aren’t they?

DeFuture will be made up of bigotry, theft of freedoms, discrimination, and authoritarianism. If this is how Republicans are going to package Dollar General Trump, this isn’t going to end well for them.

John Oliver was right. The reasons that Fox News offered why Republicans were losing spoke volumes about the Republican Party. Republicans don’t have any policies, don’t want young people voting, and seem shocked that single women don’t want to be forced to have babies.

Ron DeSantis isn’t the answer to those problems, and he is just Trump without the charisma or ability to perform in front of the camera.

Fox and Republicans blame Trump because they are looking for the easy way out and refuse to look in the mirror and admit that they are the problem. Trump is the symptom, but the disease goes much deeper in the GOP.



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