Chris Wallace pushes Biden dementia myth

Republicans Are Getting Desperate As Chris Wallace Falsely Hints That Biden Has Dementia

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:37 pm

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On Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked if Biden knows what’s going on, as the dementia falsehood is popping up again.


The question about Biden knowing what is going on also turned up in Mike Pompeo’s interview on Fox News on Sunday morning. This is not a coincidence.

Republicans Are Getting Desperate Because Afghanistan Withdrawal Isn’t Damaging Biden

The polling shows that the American people are with Biden on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Since waving the flag and trying to create faux outrage didn’t work last week, Republicans have moved on to trying to question Biden’s mental faculties this week.

The false attack on President Biden is a sign that Republicans can’t argue the facts on Afghanistan. Their fake flag-waving is not working, so they have moved on to cooking up a personal smear against the President Of The United States.,

Chris Wallace is more respected than most of the people who work at Fox News, but this question has the look of a coordinated attack on the President.

Fox and the Republicans are losing, so they are getting ugly and desperate with their attacks on Joe Biden.



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