Two GOP Senators Call For Trump To Be Investigated For Latest Rape Allegation

It's sad that it's a breaking news event when Republican senators show concern about a rape allegation made against a sitting president.

Democrats Tell Trump To His Face That They Won’t Allow Another Iraq-Style War

Democrats appear to have learned the tragic lessons of Iraq. Trump and his Republican allies in Congress seem to have not.

House Democrats Turn The Tables And Unload On Mitch McConnell

House Democrats are shifting their focus and making sure that the American people know that Mitch McConnell is blocking everything from healthcare to election security.

Jon Stewart Rips Mitch McConnell For Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding

Jon Stewart Mitch McConnell

Jon Stewart slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blocking funding for 9/11 victims unless he gets a ransom payment since 2010.

Trump Thanks Mitch McConnell For Covering Up His Russia Crimes

Trump thanked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for obstructing election security legislation and the Russia investigation.

Trump Thanks Mitch McConnell For The Russia Cover-Up

Trump tweeted:

Thank you @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell for understanding the Democrats game of not playing it straight on the ridiculous Witch Hunt Hoax in the Senate. Cryin’ Chuck will never stop. Did Senator @MarkWarner ever report speaking to a Russian!? read more

Nancy Pelosi Just Tied Mitch McConnell To Trump and Russia

Nancy Pelosi McConnell Russia

Speaker Nancy Pelosi tied Mitch McConnell to Trump, Russia, and Saudi Arabia as she told journalists to follow the money.

Pelosi Ties Mitch McConnell To Trump and Russia

Speaker Pelosi said during her weekly press conference, “What is it about Mitch Mcconnell and the Republicans in Congress that they do not want to respond to what’s so popular across the board in our country? To take it back to your question. What is it about the Republicans in Congress? How much more can they bear of the president’s unethical behavior? That they think they’re honoring their oath of office. I believe these are all connected. I think it’s all about money. Connect the dots in all of this. It’s all about money. Look at what the president is doing in terms of Saudi Arabia and the sale of nuclear technology as well as planes to Saudi Arabia. Follow the money. Who benefits from that? Declare a national emergency that he can by-pass congress in terms of those sales. By-pass the law in terms of transferring of nuclear technology to a country. Follow the money.” read more

Kamala Harris Nails Mitch McConnell For Enabling Trump’s Foreign Election Treason

Kamala Harris Mitch McConnell

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), nailed Mitch McConnell for blocking an election security bill that would stop foreign governments from helping Trump.

Rachel Maddow Reveals New Scandal That Could Sink Mitch McConnell

If you're wondering why the Senate majority leader has sold his soul to protect this corrupt and unfit president, look no further.

Maxine Waters Calls Trump ‘Unworthy’ And Says She Won’t Stop Until He’s Impeached

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said she believes Donald Trump should be impeached because he is unworthy to be president of the United States.

House Democrats Can Issue An Impeachment Verdict Without Going Through The GOP Senate

Democrats in the House of Representatives have the power to reach a verdict on impeachment without having to go through Republicans in the Senate.

Laurence Tribe Tells Dems To Leave GOP-Controlled Senate Out Of Impeachment Process

If the Democrats move forward on impeachment, they should leave Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans completely out of the process.

Schumer Mocks Trump For Claiming Immigration Is Solved With Fake Mexico Deal

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) mocked Trump's big talk on his Mexico deal that doesn't do anything.

Schumer Blasts Mitch McConnell For Ignoring Mueller And Blocking Election Security Bill

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blasted Mitch McConnell for ignoring Robert Mueller and blocking an election security bill in the Senate.

Mitch McConnell Admits That His Reason For Blocking Merrick Garland Was A Lie

Mitch McConnelll

Mitch McConnell admitted that his reason for blocking Merrick Garland was a lie and that he would fill a Supreme Court vacancy for Trump in 2020.

Mitch McConnell And Elaine Chao Are Illegally Making Money Off Of Russia And China

Trump’s DOT secretary and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao is illegally using her cabinet position to make money off of Russia and China.

Politico reported on Chao’s abuse of her position to benefit her family business: read more

Trump Is About To Bypass Congress And Sell Billions In Weapons To The Saudis

The move to unilaterally sell weapons to Saudi Arabia is only the latest instance in which this president has shown that he is wholly owned by the Saudis.

Chuck Schumer Busts Trump And Fox News For Tantrum Collusion

Chuck Schumer Trump Fox News

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) accused Trump of tipping off Fox News before he threw his White House temper tantrum.

Schumer says Trump ran away from infrastructure when asked how he would pay for it

Afterward, at a press conference with Senate Democratic Leader Schumer, Pelosi told reporters Trump may have lacked the confidence to work with Democrats on infrastructure. She said she prays for Trump.

Schumer said watching what happened at the meeting between the president and Democratic lawmakers "would make your jaw drop." He said that when Trump was asked how he would pay for an infrastructure plan, "he had to run away."

Voters In Trump Country Admit The GOP Tax Scam Didn’t Help Them At All

If this part of the Keystone State is slipping away from Trump, it's a bad sign for the president who needs to hold Pennsylvania in his column in 2020.

Democrats Demand Investigation Into Mitch McConnell’s Russia Payoff

Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff along with Sens. Sherrod Brown and Ron Wyden are calling for an investigation into Mitch McConnell's Russia bribe.