Josh Hawley running away from the mob on 1/6

Insurrection Supporter Josh Hawley Tried To Criticize Biden On Israel And It Did Not Go Well

Sen. Josh Hawley tried to criticize Biden’s response after Israel was attacked but was told that no one wants to hear from an insurrectionist.

The post by Hawley and the reply by DNC Chair Jamie Harrison:


Harrison was correct. No one wants to hear what an insurrection supporter thinks about anything. Republicans are trying to turn the attack on Israel into a Biden scandal, but elected Republicans have their own massive skeleton in their closet, which is their support for the attempt to overthrow the government on January 6th.

Josh Hawley still harbors delusions of the presidency, and he thinks 2028 will be his year.

As long as congressional Republicans support insurrections and block military promotions, they need to sit in the corner and be quiet when it comes to national security matters.

The minute congressional Republicans supported Trump’s insurrection and later followed it up by trying to block aid to Ukraine, they lost the right to be heard on any national security issue.

Those who oppose democracy and support insurrection do not have the best interests of the United States in mind.

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