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Rachel Maddow on Chuck Grassley claiming not to understand the Trump indictment.

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Chuck Grassley’s Trump Indictment Dodge

Rachel Maddow called out Sen. Chuck Grassley for claiming that he didn’t understand the Trump indictment even though he is the former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Grassley said, “I’ve read everything I could find about it. I’m not a legal analyst, so I’m not going to comment. I’m going to leave that to the professional people.”

Maddow responded, “I’m not a legal analyst, so I’m not going to comment. I’ll leave that to the professional people says the last senator there, Chuck Grassley, a man who was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee until not that long ago. Saying he has read everything he can find out about it, but oh, I don’t understand these things. He told another outlet he hadn’t read the indictment itself because how could he possibly? Chairman of the Senate Judiciary.”

Chuck Grassley is nearly 90 years old, but this very same man who claimed that he could not understand Trump’s indictment because he wasn’t an expert had conservative media in a tizzy and weaved tales about his Russia-imported Biden bribery allegation.

It is funny how Chuck Grassley can’t get his mind around an indictment of a former Republican president, but can go into detail about a conspiracy theory involving the current Democratic Commander In Chief.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee who can’t for the life him understand the indictment against Donald Trump.


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