Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries talk about the Republican national sales tax plan.

Democrats Get A Big Win As Mike Johnson Caves On Spending Deal

Democrats got Speaker Mike Johnson to agree to the same topline spending number that former speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to, which is a setback for MAGA.

CNN’s Manu Raju with the details:

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Senate Majority Leader Schumer and House Democratic Leader Jeffries said:

The bipartisan topline appropriations agreement clears the way for Congress to act over the next few weeks in order to maintain important funding priorities for the American people and avoid a government shutdown. The framework agreement to proceed will enable the appropriators to address many of the major challenges America faces at home and abroad. It will also allow us to keep the investments for hardworking American families secured by the legislative achievements of President Biden and Congressional Democrats. Finally, we have made clear to Speaker Mike Johnson that Democrats will not support including poison pill policy changes in any of the twelve appropriations bills put before the Congress.

Since President Biden took office, Democrats in Congress have worked hand-in-hand with the Administration to fight for American families by rebuilding the economy and controlling inflation. By securing the $772.7 billion for non-defense discretionary funding, we can protect key domestic priorities like veterans benefits, health care and nutrition assistance from the draconian cuts sought by right-wing extremists.

Now the Appropriations Committees, led by Chair Patty Murray and Vice Chair Susan Collins in the Senate and Chairwoman Kay Granger and Ranking Member Rosa DeLauro in the House, can prepare full-year appropriations bills, free of poison pill policy changes. Both sides will need to work together bipartisan to avoid a costly and disruptive shutdown.

MAGA Mike Johnson Fails House Republicans

House Republicans have spent their holiday break promising a big showdown with President Biden that would include spending cuts, and they are vowing to shut down the government if Biden doesn’t agree to their border bill.

House Republicans might still shut down the government over immigration, but they will not be able to claim any big victories, and it will be much more difficult to justify a government shutdown after leaders in Congress have agreed to a topline spending number.

Instead of standing behind his conference, Speaker Johnson has made a shutdown virtually impossible for Republicans to win.

House Republicans probably think that they have leverage, but Biden and the Democrats are in the process of painting them into a corner.


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