Cory Booker Defends Joe Biden And Slams The Media For Elevating Trump’s Lies


Cory Booker may have had difficulty getting speaking time early in the debate, but he made a splash on Tuesday night by standing up for Joe Biden.

Biden Calls Trump The Most Corrupt President In History And Pledges To ‘Beat Him Like A Drum’

By taking it directly to Trump on Tuesday night, Joe Biden is trying to remind voters that he is still arguably the most electable Democrat in the field. 

Trump Loses Again As Court Revives Lawsuit That Accuses Him Of Profiting From The Presidency

Donald Trump likes to present himself as the world's great winner, but over the past several weeks he can't seem to stop losing.

Rachel Maddow Reveals ‘Clown Car’ Full Of Criminals That Trump Enlisted For His Ukraine Scheme

Trump, Clown Car, Criminals

On her program, Rachel Maddow ticked off the names of the five people Trump had apparently enlisted for his Ukraine extortion operation.

Dems Snag Another Key Impeachment Witness As Former Pompeo Adviser Agrees To Talk

The more current and former Trump officials who cooperate with the House impeachment probe, the more laughable the president's defense looks.

Rudy Giuliani Is Trying To Throw Trump Under The Bus As His Crimes Catch Up With Him

The president may have some protection from criminal charges and indictments while he's in office, but sleazeball lawyers do not.

Laurence Tribe Tells Trump He’s Going To Lose Badly If Impeachment Fight Reaches Supreme Court

Tribe Trump

Trump is in for a rude awakening when even the conservative SCOTUS justices will have no choice but to remind him that there is still a Constitution.

Trump Knew All Along That Rudy Giuliani Was Running A Criminal Operation In Ukraine

There is no question Donald Trump understood that his joint efforts with bumbling lawyer Rudy Giuliani to extort Ukraine were crooked.

Trump Has A Complete Mental Implosion During Profanity-Laced Self-Therapy Rally In Minnesota

While the rally was officially a 2020 campaign event, it appeared to be more of a profanity-laced self-therapy session for Trump to vent all of his frustrations.

Trump Is Greeted By Rows Of Empty Seats In Minnesota As Impeachment Sinks His Presidency

Trump Empty Seats

Trump tried to save his crumbling presidency by riling up the MAGA mob at a rally in Minnesota, but he was greeted by rows of empty seats.

At Least 4 National Security Officials Blew The Whistle About Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme

Both before and after Trump's infamous call with Ukraine, people inside the administration were deeply disturbed by the president's conduct.

Rachel Maddow And Chris Hayes Burst Into Laughter Over Trump’s Lack Of Intelligence

Maddow Hayes Trump Stupid

The two MSNBC hosts had a difficult time controlling their laughter on Wednesday night over Donald Trump's sheer stupidity.

Trump’s Nightmare Comes True As Fox News Poll Shows A Majority Want Him Removed From Office

Any Trump-defending Republican in Congress who isn't panicking right now about surging impeachment support simply isn't paying attention.

Desperate Pence Tries To Save Himself By Throwing Trump Under The Bus On Ukraine

Desperate Pence

The vice president is basically saying that, sure, Trump may have tried to extort a foreign power – but he had nothing to do with it.

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump’s Impeachment Tantrum By Calling Him A Traitor

Trump clearly isn't happy about how this impeachment inquiry is playing out. Perhaps he should have thought of that before he betrayed his country. 

Republicans Are On A Sinking Ship As A Pro-Impeachment Wave Is Sweeping The Nation

A wave of pro-impeachment support has swept the country, with strong majorities of Americans now supporting the Democrats' inquiry.

Ari Melber Tells Trump That He Can Stonewall All He Wants, But The Facts Will Bring Him Down

Melber Trump Stonewall

Donald Trump's White House threw a tantrum about the ongoing impeachment inquiry, but no amount of presidential whining will alter the damning facts.

Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Is Deteriorating At An Alarming Rate Due To Impeachment

Trump Deteriorating

As more damning information comes to light about this president's misconduct, Donald Trump is only going to get more unstable.

Trump Is In Much Worse Shape Than Any Previous President Who Faced Impeachment

The polling shows that public opinion is with the Democrats as they continue to ramp up their inquiry, not with Trump-defending Republicans.

Trump’s Lawyer Blows A Gasket After Ari Melber Names The Law Trump Broke During Ukraine Call

Trump Lawyer

The MSNBC host quickly put onscreen the law Trump violated when he tried to extort Ukraine into handing over dirt on former vice president Joe Biden.