Trump Might Have Ditched Denmark Trip Out Of Fear Of Being Outshined By Obama

Obama was set to travel to Denmark not long after Trump's planned visit, and the current president didn't want to be humiliated.

Gov. Jay Inslee Becomes Third Major Democrat To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

The Washington governor said he isn't ready to endorse any other candidates yet, but he promised to support the eventual Democratic nominee.

Trump Cancels Meeting With Denmark PM After Being Told He Can’t Buy Greenland

Something tells me that the prime minister of Denmark has more important things to do than entertain a juvenile president of the United States.

Trump Thinks Recessions Can Be Prevented By Just Not Talking About Them

Trump is refusing to acknowledge the possibility that another recession is on the way because he doesn't want to admit his economics policies have flopped.

Another Blue Wave Is Brewing As Trump’s Numbers Collapse In 10 Swing States

It's still early, but Trump's lagging numbers in key parts of the country are setting the stage for another blue wave in 2020.

Trump Has Run Up A Bigger Deficit In Less Than Three Years Than Obama’s Entire Second Term

It hasn't even been a full fiscal year, and Trump's deficit spending in 2019 has already blown through last year's total.

Rachel Maddow Calls Trump’s Response To El Paso A Dark Stain On American History

The El Paso terrorist attack itself is a dark moment in American history. Donald Trump's shameful response made it much darker.

Trump’s Own Staff Admit That His Trips To El Paso And Dayton Were Massive Failures

Trump is fuming over the coverage of his photo ops, and his aides are saying that the visits did not go well. They say the president is to blame for that.

‘Tell Him Not To Come Here’: El Paso Shooting Victims Urge Trump To Stay Away

If Donald Trump had an ounce of compassion for the people of El Paso, he would stay away from their city and let them recover.

Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacist Terrorism A Hoax ‘Just Like Russia’

Tucker Carlson has made a fortune spewing white nationalist venom on his prime-time cable program – and he knows the president is watching.

Mayor Pete To Trump: It Takes More Than Hollow Teleprompter Speeches To Fix Gun Violence

This president can stand in front of a teleprompter and read as many scripts as he wants, but the American people know who the real Donald Trump is.

Trump Refuses To Take Phone Call From El Paso Congresswoman, Claims He Is ‘Too Busy’

On Tuesday, Donald Trump said he was too busy to take a call from Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar, the congresswoman who represents El Paso.

The El Paso Terrorist’s Manifesto Is Basically A ‘Cut And Paste’ Of Trump’s Twitter Feed

The dangerous, racist rhetoric that Trump spews on a daily basis on social media or at his rallies used to be reserved for the dark fringes of society.

Kamala Harris Rips Into Trump For Golfing While Blood Spilled On American Streets

Harris ripped into Donald Trump on Monday for his complete leadership failure following the mass shooting attacks over the weekend.

‘The House Is On Fire’: Joy Reid Tells Dems To Stop Treating 2020 Like A Normal Election

Democrats are right to put forward a positive vision for the future, but they shouldn't tear each other apart in the process.

Trump’s Economy Is Creating 30,000 Fewer Jobs Per Month Than Obama’s

Donald Trump likes to claim he is the greatest jobs president that God ever created, but he isn't even the greatest jobs president of the last five years.

MSNBC Tunes Out Of Trump’s Ohio Rally As They Refuse To Air More ‘Send Her Back Crap’

As MSNBC and other cable outlets –aside from Fox News – continue to show, Trump's campaign events are no longer must-see television.

Elizabeth Warren Destroys The Argument That A Strong Progressive Can’t Beat Trump

If Warren can't convince Democratic primary voters that she can defeat Donald Trump in 2020, she will have a hard time capturing the nomination.

Pete Buttigieg Tells Democrats To Stop Letting Trump’s Phony Attacks Drive The Policy Debate

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg told his Democratic debate opponents on Tuesday to stop being so afraid of Donald Trump's petty attacks.

Americans Of All Ages And Races Agree: Trump Is A Racist

As Trump continues to amp up his bigotry, voters have reached a consensus on at least one fact: The president is a racist.