Jen Psaki on Lindsey Graham's call to assassinate Putin

Jen Psaki Just Put Lindsey Graham In His Place With 1 Sentence

Jen Psaki didn’t waste words, as she made her point with just one sentence in response to Lindsey Graham’s call for Putin’s assassination.


Psaki said, “That is not the position of the United States government and certainly not a statement you would hear coming from the mouth of anyone working in the administration.”

The White House Press Secretary later made it clear on a different question a diplomatic solution to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that it is not US policy to call for the assassination of foreign leaders.

It is mindboggling that Lindsey Graham would think that the ideal solution to a dictator invading a neighboring democracy would be for someone to assassinate the dictator.

Whether Graham realizes it or not, he suggested defending democracy with an undemocratic act.

Even if Putin was assassinated by someone in Russia after Graham’s comments the US could be blamed and it might trigger World War III.

Lindsey Graham’s comments were reckless and dangerous, which is why Jen Psaki rejected them in the clearest means possible.


Jason Easley
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