Jen Psaki on Republican law and order

Jen Psaki Hammers Republicans For Crime Hypocrisy

On her MSNBC show, Jen Psaki exposed Republicans as law and order hypocrites who want to defund law enforcement and make America less safe.

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Psaki said on Inside With Jen Psaki after playing clips of Republicans defending law enforcement during the George Floyd protests and then arguing that law enforcement must be defunded now that Trump is in legal trouble:

Republicans have apparently come full circle it turns out that after all their fearmongering, they are the ones who want to defund law enforcement. Remember, the job of the Justice Department is not just to file abstract legal briefs it is to keep our country safe that phrase is literally in their mission statement.

They also oversee the FBI, which handles domestic and international terrorism, organized crime, white collar crime as well as the ATF, which plays a major role in fighting drug cartels but these so-called champions of law and order or want to defund, limited funds, and make cuts those are their words, no
mine, to those very agencies, so it is not just Republican rhetoric, but also their actions.

After the January 6th insurrection, 21 House Republicans voted against awarding the congressional gold medal to the very officers who protected their lives and have visited many of the January sixth defendants currently jailed. Donald Trump’s own budge during his last year in office actually proposed cutting funds to local law enforcement. If you worry about crime and want law enforcement to be fully funded and supported then the only paid place you should be directing your outrage towards’s Maga Republicans, and they’re now indicted leader.

Republicans have been trying to defund law enforcement for a few years now, but their efforts accelerated after the Capitol attack and have become even more urgent with Trump drowning in legal issues.

On Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Republicans are engaging in a crime wave. 

The real law and order party is definitely not the one being led by the guy under criminal indictment.

The Republican Party’s law and order stance is a cover-up for lawlessness and chaos.

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