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Jen Psaki Isn’t Playing The Media’s Game Of Making Democrats Cater To Republicans

Jen Psaki didn’t play along with the media narrative that it is the job of Democrats to cater to Republicans.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki was asked if the  White House is reaching out to Republicans on immigration reform, “It has been a long-standing open invitation. Any Republican who wants to work with us on immigration reform. You’re invited. Let’s have a conversation. We have not seen an expression of that interest across the board.”

  The follow-up question, “You’re wanting  Republicans to go to you, the White House is not reaching out?”


Psaki replied, “We have conversations with Democrats and Republicans all the time. I think it’s clear what we’re seeing from Republicans is an effort to politicize this and not fix what we all recognize is an outdated and broken system.”

The Built-In Bias Of The Question To Psaki

The mainstream media has a baked-in bias that when it comes to passing legislation, it is up to Democrats to court politics for their support and if a bill doesn’t get passed it is because Democrats did not do enough to get Republican support.

The responsibility is never placed on Republicans for not working with Democrats to solve the nation’s problems. The burden is always on Democrats in the corporate media’s framework.

Jen Psaki wasn’t playing along. She made it clear in both of her answers to questions that Republicans also have a responsibility to govern.

The corporate press is constructed to not hold Republicans accountable, which is Jen Psaki uses the daily briefing to stress GOP accountability.

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