Jen Psaki talks about Marjorie Taylor Greene taking credit for Biden accomplishments.

Jen Psaki Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene For Praising Biden Green Energy Jobs She Voted Against

Jen Psaki calls out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for being supportive of new green energy manufacturing jobs that came from Biden legislation that she voted against.

Psaki said on her MSNBC show:

 What’s interesting is that it’s not just these funds that Republicans are trying to take credit for. It’s also the expansion of clean manufacturing in districts across the country. Expansion that has moved, in large part, because of the clean energy tax credit and the Inflation Reduction Act, the big climbed bill that was passed. Take a look at Marjorie Taylor Greene. In August of 2022, the congresswoman says that clean energy would, quote, put America back into darkness. I don’t think she understands the science there.

The Inflation Reduction Act was America’s last disaster. In April, they treated favorably about the expansion of the solar company, Q Cells, and the jobs he would create in her district. Here’s the thing, I think you know where I’m going here. Q Cells specifically attributed the new investments of the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.


Republicans who voted against the bipartisan infrastructure legislation have been trying to take credit for the projects in their districts and states for years. The new twist is that Republicans, like Greene, are now trying to take credit for the manufacturing jobs boom that is happening because of President Biden’s policies.

Rep. Greene went from claiming that President Biden was going to plunge us all back to the Dark Ages to applauding jobs that are being created in her district because of the President’s vision.

Democrats need to do precisely what Jen Psaki did and call out the Republican free riders attempting to take credit for the success of legislation they tried to kill.

President Biden and congressional Democrats have a strong record to run on, and they should ensure that all Republicans have is Donald Trump and his many felony charges.

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