James Comey Says Trump Could Be Prosecuted When He Leaves Office

For the president, the 2020 campaign isn't just about winning a second term in the White House. It's about avoiding time in the big house.

New York Senate To Pass Bill Allowing Congress To See Trump’s Tax Returns

The New York State Senate is going to pass a bill that would allow Congress to see Donald Trump's state tax returns as part of their investigations.

Donny Deutsch Predicts Trump’s House Of Cards Will Collapse Once Mueller Testifies

Once Robert Mueller is on the record explaining that there was clear evidence that Trump obstructed justice, it will be a game-changer.

House Dem Tells His Party To Take Immediate Legal Action Against Trump Before It’s Too Late

Given the frequency with which Trump is ignoring Congress, the point of no return may be approaching more quickly than some Democrats think.

‘People Should Be Frightened’: Donny Deutsch Predicts Trump Will Stage A Revolt If He Loses

Because Trump and his supporters live in an alternative reality, they will be in for a rude awakening in 2020 if and when he loses.

A 1924 Law Allows Democrats To Directly Sue To Get Trump’s Tax Returns

A 1924 law allows House Democrats to bypass the subpoena process and directly sue the Treasury Department for Trump's tax returns.

A Servile Trump Admits He Did Not Tell Putin to Stop Meddling In Our Elections

President Trump failed to bring up Russian President Vladimir Putin's meddling in our elections when they spoke for an hour today, and also failed to tell Putin not to meddle in the upcoming election.

Trump Is ‘So Scared’ Of Biden That White House Staff Can’t Get Him To Stay Focused

Trump is so scared that former vice president Joe Biden will be his eventual opponent that his staff is struggling to keep him focused.

Rachel Maddow: Mueller’s Letter Proves Bill Barr Committed Perjury

There is no other way to put this: William Barr lied under oath when he said he didn't know how Mueller felt about his handling of the Russia report.