11 Million Taxpayers Are About To Get Screwed Because Of Trump’s Tax Law

As these changes hit taxpayers for the first time in 2019, there are signs that the Trump-GOP tax law is only getting less popular.

Bernie Sanders Proposes Attaching A Lie Detector To Trump During The 2020 Debates

No matter who the Democratic nominee is, it will be a challenge to keep track of all the lies Trump will tell during the campaign

Donald Trump Could Face Criminal Charges The Day He Leaves Office

If Trump is voted out in 2020 – or removed from office sooner – criminal charges could very likely be waiting for him when his presidency ends.

The Trump-GOP Tax Law Continues To Crater As Refunds Plummet By 17 Percent

As millions of Americans continue to feel the impact of the Trump-Republican tax scheme, it will become impossible to defend.

Malcolm Nance Warns That Trump Is Inspiring A New Wave Of Right-Wing Terrorism

The climate of hate that Trump has created throughout his time in presidential politics is inspiring a new wave of right-wing terrorism.

Adam Schiff Tells GOP Colleagues To Stand Up To Trump Or Get Out Of Congress

For two years, Republicans have calculated that it was a smart move to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the five-alarm fire in the White House.

Trump’s Reelection Team Admits That Fear And Ignorance Is Their 2020 Campaign Strategy

While Democrats roll out policies and proposals that actually benefit middle and low-income workers, Trump will double down on minority resentment.

16 States Just Sued Trump Over His Fake National Emergency Declaration

It's a pretty clear-cut concept that the president of the United States can't just concoct a national emergency in order to circumvent Congress.

New Poll Shows Trump Getting Trounced By The 2020 Democratic Field

Donald Trump's re-election hopes are in big trouble as every declared or potential Democratic contender is winning over 50 percent of the vote.

Pelosi And Schumer Pounce And Put A World Of Hurt On Trump’s ‘Emergency’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer released a joint statement Friday morning blasting President Trump for declaring a national emergency, threatening to seek every remedy in the Courts to defend their constitutional authorities.

Trump’s Own Justice Department Says His National Emergency Is Dead On Arrival

This national emergency is another massive con job from a desperate president who lacks the ability and willingness to govern the country like a responsible adult.

A Terrifying Number Of Trump Supporters Believe God Made Him President

Donald Trump is an amoral con man. The idea that God is cheering his presidency would be laughable if so many of his supporters didn't believe it.

Sarah Sanders Claims That Trump Reads Legislation And Pelosi Doesn’t

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders gaggled with reporters Wednesday morning outside the White House, and seems to have fully invested in an alternative reality. This isn't spin, it's propaganda. But as bad as most of her claims were, the top notch claim was "Unlike Nancy Pelosi we actually like to read legislation before we agree to it."

Beto O’Rourke Just Demolished Trump’s Immigration Lies And Became His Worst 2020 Nightmare

The field of potential Democratic nominees is already large, but Beto O'Rourke proved himself to be a top-tier candidate on Monday night.

Trump Is Paving The Way To Contesting The Results Of The 2020 Presidential Election

As Donald Trump sees his political fortunes collapsing ahead of 2020, he is already paving the way toward contesting the results.