Reporter Falls Apart After Jen Psaki Catches Him Pushing GOP Talking Points

A reporter tried to push the Republican talking point about Biden and Harris not visiting the border, and Jen Psaki caught him.


The exchange was priceless:

Q: What you say to those that are criticizing the president and vice president who have not to date, made an in-person visit to the southwest border?

Psaki: Who are those?

Q: Lots of people criticizing the fact they have not made a trip to the border yet?

Psaki: Like who?

Q: Those in the Republican Party.

Psaki: I don’t know who I am responding to.

The reporter finally admitted that his question wasn’t based on people or even Republicans but a press conference held by Sen. Rick Scott.

Reporters have been getting away with basing questions on Republican talking points that they disguise as a consensus among the American people. Jen Psaki isn’t going to let members of the media push Republican propaganda to create negativity and conflict.

If members of the White House press pool are going to try to discuss partisan talking points as news, Jen Psaki will call it out and expose it.

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