Trump’s Reelection Team Admits That Fear And Ignorance Is Their 2020 Campaign Strategy

While Democrats roll out policies and proposals that actually benefit middle and low-income workers, Trump will double down on minority resentment.

Voters Are Yearning For Obama’s Character And Decency

A recently released CNN poll found that voters overwhelmingly think that Obama was a better president than Trump, and the reason why is personal character.

New Poll Shows Trump Getting Trounced By The 2020 Democratic Field

Donald Trump's re-election hopes are in big trouble as every declared or potential Democratic contender is winning over 50 percent of the vote.

Democrats Fight Back And Launch Immediate Investigation Into Trump’s National Emergency

The House Judiciary Committee has announced an immediate investigation into Trump's decision to declare a national emergency to get his wall.

Chuck Todd Calls Out Trump’s Lie That Obama Wanted War With N. Korea

NBC's Chuck Todd seized on and called out a new lie that Trump was building that Obama wanted to go to war with North Korea.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Democrats Can Stop Trump’s National Emergency Before It Even Begins

Rachel Maddow laid out the blueprint for how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could stop Trump's phony national emergency declaration before it even starts.

Beto O’Rourke Just Demolished Trump’s Immigration Lies And Became His Worst 2020 Nightmare

The field of potential Democratic nominees is already large, but Beto O'Rourke proved himself to be a top-tier candidate on Monday night.

Trump Throws A Tantrum As Elizabeth Warren Formally Launches 2020 Campaign

Showing they see Elizabeth Warren as a threat, the Trump campaign quickly put out a statement calling the Massachusetts senator a fraud.

Matthew Whitaker Could Be Busted By Democrats For Lying In His Congressional Testimony

Matthew Whitaker took a victory lap at Trump Hotel following his congressional testimony on Friday, but his celebration could be short-lived. 

Trump Is Paving The Way To Contesting The Results Of The 2020 Presidential Election

As Donald Trump sees his political fortunes collapsing ahead of 2020, he is already paving the way toward contesting the results. 

Adam Schiff Calls Trump Tower Meeting Treason As He Goes Straight For Don Jr.

Schiff said the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russia was treason as he continues to signal that Donald Trump Jr. is in his investigative sights

House Democrats Are About To Help Robert Mueller Nail Donald Trump Jr. For Perjury

The most high-profile individual that could find himself in quick legal trouble as the Democrats dig into their investigations is Donald Trump Jr.

Ted Lieu Tells Trump That His Dreams Of A Border Wall Are Dead

Trump's border wall is not even part of the ongoing bipartisan negotiations to keep the government funded past the upcoming Feb. 15 deadline.

Ralph Northam Refuses To Resign, Now Claims It Wasn’t Him In Racist Yearbook Photo

The New York Times reports that Northam is considering using facial recognition software to prove that it's not him in the photograph.

Opinion: Why Sherrod Brown Should Be An Instant Democratic Frontrunner In 2020

Democratic primary voters would be smart to put Sherrod Brown – a man uniquely qualified to expose the fraud of Trumpism – on their personal shortlist in 2020.

Ari Melber Just Shattered Howard Schultz’s 2020 Hopes With One Devastating Question

The entire basis of Howard Schultz's potential campaign – at least so far – is to attack the same vision he embraced and enacted at Starbucks.

Republican Officials Are Flipping To Democrat Due To Trump

Republican state officials around the country are flipping to the Democratic Party as they are being chased out of the GOP by Trump's extremism.

Democrats And Republicans Finally Agree: The Best Way To Govern Is To Ignore Trump

Following the disastrous Trump government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans have found one thing they can all agree on.

Mitch McConnell Just Attacked The Same Federal Workers He Held Hostage During The Shutdown

McConnell announced his opposition to a Democratic plan that would make voting a federal holiday, and in doing so he took a shot at government workers.