Biden: Republicans Never Lowered The Deficit Under Trump

Biden talks about the economy and deficit

While speaking about the economy at the White House, President Biden unloaded on GOP hypocrites for never lowering the deficit under Trump.

Video of Biden:

Biden Has Had Enough Of The GOP Pretending To Care About Deficits

The President said:

For all of the talk, Republicans make about deficits, it did not happen a single quarter under my predecessor. Not once. The bottom line is that the deficit went up every year under my predecessor before the pandemic, and during the pandemic. It has gone down both years since I’ve been here. Those are the facts. read more

Joe Biden Just Destroyed Fox News At The White House Correspondents Dinner

President Biden at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Joe Biden said that everyone at the White House Correspondents Dinner had to prove that they were vaccinated and boosted, and every Fox News reporter was there.


Biden drills Fox News at #WHCD " Everyone had to prove they are fully vaccinated and boosted and So if you are at home watching this, and you are wondering how to do that, just contact your favorite Fox News reporter. They are all here. Vaccinated and boosted!" read more