House Dems Preparing Legislation That Would Bar Trump From Starting A War With Iran

As a result of the Trump administration's increasingly aggressive behavior toward Iran, the possibility of another war continues to grow.

Former ICE Director Tears Trump To Shreds For Claiming Obama Separated Migrant Families

The man who ran ICE under Barack Obama tore Trump to shreds for repeatedly lying about this administration's family separation policy.

Border Congresswoman Says Trump Is Still Separating Families, Despite His Lies

The Trump administration claims to have reversed course on its family separation policy, one lawmaker says nothing has changed.

Desperate Trump Cooks Up Story To Divide Biden And Obama

Trump tried to create division between Biden and Obama by questioning why Obama hasn't already endorsed his vice president.

Sunday Shows Ignore Trump Rape Allegation, But Ask 11 Guests About Biden Shoulder Touch

The Sunday news shows asked 11 different guests about Joe Biden touching women on the shoulder, but ignored a credible rape allegation against Trump.

Obama Obsessed Trump Lies About Iran Deal As He Imposes New Sanctions

Trump tried to blame Obama for the new sanctions that he imposed on Iran, as the president lied about the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump Blames Obama For His Policy Of Putting Children In Cages

During an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, Trump falsely claimed that he inherited the child separation policy from Barack Obama.

Kamala Harris Reads Trump’s ‘Rap Sheet’ In An Epic South Carolina Takedown

Kamala Harris has shown through her work as a prosecutor, in the Senate and as a Democratic hopeful, that she could be Trump's toughest opponent.

Jim Clyburn Defends Biden: He Has A ‘Record’ Of Standing With The African American Community

Rep. Jim Clyburn says African Americans care about deeds more than words, and former VP Joe Biden has a strong record to stand on.

Trump Blames Obama After Chickening Out On Iran Strikes

Trump went on a Twitter rant blaming Barack Obama for his series of moves that brought tensions with Iran to a boiling point.

Democrats Tell Trump To His Face That They Won’t Allow Another Iraq-Style War

Democrats appear to have learned the tragic lessons of Iraq. Trump and his Republican allies in Congress seem to have not.

Donny Deutsch Tells NBC Not To Show Trump Tweets During The Debate

Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch warned NBC and the DNC not to include Trump's live tweets during the first Democratic debate.

Joe Biden Demands That Cory Booker Apologize To Him

Joe Biden Cory Booker

After Sen. Booker demanded an apology for Biden's comments about working with a segregationist senator, the former vice president told Cory Booker that he knows better and demanded Booker apologize to him.

Bernie Sanders Attacks Elizabeth Warren As A Corporate Democrat

elizabeth warren bernie sanders hell no liberal caucus

Bernie Sanders is now claiming that since moderate Democrats are coming around on Elizabeth Warren she is a corporate Democrat.

Baby Blimp And Throngs Of Protesters Welcome Trump To Orlando Ahead Of Kickoff Rally

After two and a half years of lies, corruption, chaos and incompetence, the American people are enthusiastic to send Trump packing.

Mitch McConnell Just Took Credit For Obama Being President

While speaking to reporters, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took credit for Barack Obama winning the presidency.

Trump’s Nightmare Day Worsens As New Poll Shows Biden Crushing Him In Florida

Trump nightmare day is getting worse as a new poll of Florida shows Joe Biden at 50% and leading the president by 9 points.

Trump Draws Fewer Viewers Than Family Feud As ABC Interview Bombs

Trump read Mueller report

ABC would have been better off running an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, as their Trump interview bombed and drew 2 million fewer viewers.

Pete Buttigieg Rocks Trump By Promising No Pardon If He Is Indicted

Pete Buttigieg Trump pardon

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said that he would not pardon Trump or any other ex-president if they were indicted.

Warren And Buttigieg Jump In South Carolina As Sanders Plunges

Joe Biden still has a 20 point lead in South Carolina, but Warren and Buttigieg have moved into second and third as Bernie Sanders has fallen to fourth.