Biden gives a speech on democracy in Blue Bell, PA.

Biden Blasts Trump For Promising Tax Cuts To Billionaires

Trump promised billionaires low taxes at his behind closed doors fundraiser and the Biden campaign unloaded on the ex-president.

Trump reportedly promised his rich donors that he would keep their taxes low if he returns to the White House.

Biden campaign spokesperson Sarafina Chitika responded, “Donald Trump spent his entire presidency lining the pockets of wealthy tax avoiders like himself at the expense of the middle class. Now, Trump is making it clear to his billionaire buddies that he’ll take his first chance to double down on tax giveaways for the ultra-wealthy – all while he fights to rip away Americans’ health care, gut Social Security and Medicare, and raise costs on working families. The American people deserve a president that fights for main street, not Wall Street – that’s why we have to reelect President Biden and reject Trump’s billionaire-first agenda this November.”

Trump’s agenda isn’t America first. It is billionaire first. Just like President Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders said during their event at the White House, Trump says one thing in public, but promises something entirely different to billionaires behind closed doors.

President Biden has proven that trickle down economics do not work.

Biden has shown what America can do when an economy is built from the middle out instead of the top down. Trump is being backed by billionaires because they want to slash taxes for themselves and raise them for everyone else.

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