Biden warns House Republicans on FEMA funding

Biden Directs Campaign To Highlight Trump’s “Crazy Sh-t”

President Biden instructed his presidential campaign to start highlighting the “crazy sh-t” that Trump is saying in public.

CNN reported, “What we’ve learned is that President Biden himself personally instructed at some of his top campaign aide to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of president Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments. Or we’re told that the thrust of the President’s direction was to signal difficultly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the crazy sh-t that Trump says in public. You know, we’ve been seeing, of course for a while, the Biden campaign trying to highlight what they see as black and white contrast between president Biden and former president Trump on everything including their temperament, their worldviews.


The aggressiveness of the Biden campaign in calling out Trump’s crazy is coming straight from the top. Forget about all of the other distractions that the media tends to float as part of the campaign. President Biden knows what the campaign is really about. Biden is running on normal versus crazy, decent versus corrupt, and right versus wrong.

Joe Biden knows that the side by side comparison with Donald Trump is good one for him. The media wants to make Biden’s age the issue of the campaign, but the truth is that Trump still turns off Democrats, Independents, and a sizable number of Republicans. If President Biden promotes himself as the sane option against unstable possibly convicted felon bent on destroying democracy, he has a good chance of winning.

but that doesn’t mean that he actually has the shoes.

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