Spineless GOP Senator Declines 5 Times To Condemn Trump For Extorting A Foreign Power

Spineless Gardner

When Cory Gardner loses next November, it'll be because of moments like this when he forgot that his job is to defend the United States, not Donald Trump.

Republicans Are On A Sinking Ship As A Pro-Impeachment Wave Is Sweeping The Nation

A wave of pro-impeachment support has swept the country, with strong majorities of Americans now supporting the Democrats' inquiry.

Republicans Call Emergency Meeting As Trump’s Presidency Goes Up In Flames

Better talking points on cable news won't save Trump or Republicans from a damning set of facts and swift, unified action from House Democrats.

Conservative Commentator Ridicules Trump For Running The Most Incompetent Cover-Up In History

Cover Up

Charlie Sykes said Monday that Donald Trump and his defenders in the administration are running "one of the least effective cover-ups in history."

GOP Strategist Calls Any Remaining Trump Defenders ‘Profiles In Chickensh*t’

Until these shameless Republicans in Congress jump off this soon-to-derail Trump train, they should be called what they are: cowards.

NRA Grip On Gun Debate Is Slipping Away As Major Gunmaker Stops Production Of AR-15 Rifles

Being on the right side of this issue is good business – and the National Rifle Association is gradually losing its grip on the gun debate.

Mitch McConnell Shamed Into Pretending To Care About Election Security

After 46 Senate Republicans voted against $250 million in funding for election security in 2018, Senate Republicans have finally been shamed into making a vague gesture of care for US elections by agreeing to add just $250 million to the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Appropriations bill Thursday morning.

Even Ted Cruz Admits Texas Is Slipping Away From Trump And The GOP

The political winds are shifting in favor of the Democrats, which makes Texas a state to watch as the presidential campaign plays out next year.

Elizabeth Warren Blames Mitch McConnell Corruption For Endless Gun Massacres

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren railed against Congress for standing in the way of common-sense gun reforms that would save lives.

Republicans Are Plotting To Go After Social Security Behind Closed Doors

Republicans in Congress are trying to pay for their tax scam by coming after earned benefits that millions of people rely on.

Trump’s Reelection Campaign Already In A Tailspin As GOP Women Ditch Their MAGA Caps

Former RNC chair Michael Steele pointed out that it's clear that Trump's support, even from some GOP voters, is beginning to soften.

Anthony Scaramucci Calls Trump An ‘International Crisis’ Who Is ‘Having A Nervous Breakdown’

Scaramucci said even Republicans appear to be recognizing that the president is completely off his rocker and will soon have no choice but to confront him.

Trump Privately Tells The NRA That He Will Ditch Universal Background Checks

The sellout is complete: Donald Trump will oppose any universal background check legislation that Congress might send to his desk.

Rachel Maddow Warns Trump And GOP That Blocking Background Checks Will Be Political Suicide

The American people are growing increasingly tired of Republicans refusing to offer anything but empty thoughts and prayers.

Eric Swalwell Says ‘Zero Chance’ Moscow Mitch Will Put American Lives Over Russia-NRA Money

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell said there is no chance McConnell will take up a common-sense gun safety bill when Congress returns in September.

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Plan On Letting Background Checks Pass The Senate

The further we get away from the shooting massacres in El Paso and Dayton, the more it looks like McConnell is just hoping to run out the clock.

The NRA Has Thrown $1.6 Million At Mitch McConnell To Block Expanded Background Checks

$1.6 million can buy a lot in Washington, and the Republican majority leader in the Senate appears to be one of those things up for sale.

Trump Thinks The U.S. Is The Only Country With Video Games And Mental Illness

Republicans love to make these lazy arguments, but the United States isn't the only country in the world with those video games and mental illness.

GOP Hopes Of Retaking The House Are Fading Fast As Another Republican Announces Retirement

Democrats already have control of the House, but Rep. Hurd's seat will be a prime target as the party looks to maintain or expand their grip on the chamber.

Malcolm Nance Warns Mitch McConnell Is Trying To End Free And Fair Elections In America

All of this is happening in plain view, and the consequences for American democracy have been and will continue to be disastrous.