Two GOP Senators Call For Trump To Be Investigated For Latest Rape Allegation

It's sad that it's a breaking news event when Republican senators show concern about a rape allegation made against a sitting president.

GOP Congressman Tells Detained Children To Leave Border Camps If They Don’t Like The Conditions

It's bad enough that this unspeakable tragedy is playing out in the United States. Worse is that so many Americans, including members of Congress, are fine with it.

GOP Congressman Says It’s Okay That Trump Committed Crimes Because The Economy Is Good

Republican supporters of Trump now think it's okay for the president to be a criminal if the economy is growing and the jobless rate is falling.

Chris Hayes Crushes The Laughable Myth That Trump Is An ‘America First’ President

Donald Trump has put himself first his entire life, from his career stiffing workers to his presidency selling out America.

‘Unthinkable’: Mitt Romney Trashes Trump For Welcoming More Election Interference In 2020

Trump's comments this week that he would welcome (more) foreign election interference in 2020 struck a nerve with some GOP lawmakers.

Rachel Maddow Tells Missouri GOP To Get Lost After They Whine About Her Abortion Coverage

Rachel Maddow had a response for the Republican-led government in Missouri after they asked her to stop reporting on the state's attack on women.

House Democrats Can Issue An Impeachment Verdict Without Going Through The GOP Senate

Democrats in the House of Representatives have the power to reach a verdict on impeachment without having to go through Republicans in the Senate.

Laurence Tribe Tells Dems To Leave GOP-Controlled Senate Out Of Impeachment Process

If the Democrats move forward on impeachment, they should leave Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans completely out of the process.

Rachel Maddow: Missouri GOP Now Forcing Women To Have ‘Medically Unnecessary’ Pelvic Exams

The GOP-led government in Missouri is now forcing the last abortion clinic in the state to conduct mandatory and medically unnecessary pelvic exams.

Former GOP Rep Urges Nancy Pelosi To Give A Primetime Address Making The Case For Impeachment

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should deliver a primetime address to the nation making the case for impeachment.

Justin Amash Tells Trump Loyalists To Call Him When They Actually Read The Mueller Report

Amash's response to Trump supporters and even his GOP colleagues essentially boiled down to this: Call me when you actually read the Mueller report.

Trump Is About To Bypass Congress And Sell Billions In Weapons To The Saudis

The move to unilaterally sell weapons to Saudi Arabia is only the latest instance in which this president has shown that he is wholly owned by the Saudis.

Rachel Maddow: ‘How Is The President Not Being Impeached For Obstruction Of Justice Right Now?’

Rachel Maddow only had one question following the explosive news that people connected to the White House and Congress tried to obstruct the Russia probe.

Voters In Trump Country Admit The GOP Tax Scam Didn’t Help Them At All

If this part of the Keystone State is slipping away from Trump, it's a bad sign for the president who needs to hold Pennsylvania in his column in 2020.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Tells Republicans That Their Hate Campaign Will Never Silence Her

This is a hate campaign meant to silence and marginalize the first two female Muslims in Congress. Newsflash for the GOP: It's not working.

Elizabeth Warren Tears Mitch McConnell To Shreds For Not Understanding Checks And Balances

With Mitch McConnell leading the GOP Senate, the upper chamber of Congress has essentially become an extension of the Trump White House.