Opinion: Fascist Freedom Caucus Demands a Coup in the House of Representatives

Republicans are so desperate to protect themselves, and their demigod Trump, from being exposed as seditious conspirators who attempted to overthrow constitutional order that now they are attempting a coup in the House of Representatives.

It was really no great shock that the so-called House Freedom Caucus sent a letter to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanding that he “attempt” a coup and remove Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker. For dog’s sake, they continue to support the fascist Trump after they assisted him to attempt a coup on January 6 to keep the loser in office, so what’s one more attempted coup?.

There are a couple of reasons their demand for McCarthy to oust Ms. Pelosi is the height of insanity, but their primary reason beggars belief.

The fascist Freedom Caucus, like their House leader McCarthy, are outraged that Speaker Pelosi barred two Trump surrogates from serving on the Select Committee investigating the Trump-directed insurrection on January 6. It is almost a certainty that even before McCarthy met with Trump last week, Trump had determined that since he and Rudy Giuliani could not serve on the investigative committee, the only option was placing  Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the panel as surrogate-puppets.

Speaker Pelosi, like every other conscious human being saw that the pair was just as unqualified to serve as Trump and Giuliani were, and barred the two Trump devotees from the panel. That was the primary complaint from the fascist caucus members who wrote to McCarthy:

Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to seat Rep’s Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the Select Committee to investigate January 6 is intolerable.”

No doubt Trump feels exactly the same outrage. It is highly likely he was in on drafting the letter to McCarthy demanding that the Speaker be removed from her position. The big problem for both Trump and his acolytes making up the fascist caucus is that they are ignoring one very important fact and point of order.

Speaker Pelosi has veto power over who serves on the committee according to the House-passed legislation that formed the committee in the first place. Ms. Pelosi exercised that veto power because according to her and anyone with half-a-brain:

The pair made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth.”

Add to that little inconvenience of Ms. Pelosi following the legislation to the letter, it is quite likely that both Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan will be called as material witnesses in the investigation.

The fascist caucus also wants Pelosi taken down a peg because she committed a couple of what they regard as very bad acts that rub those poor beleaguered Trumpians the wrong way.

For one thing, Ms. Pelosi allowed proxy voting during a deadly global pandemic in order to protect House members from infecting each other with the COVID-19 virus. There was no mention of a requirement to wear a mask in the chamber, but no doubt that was a raging irritant to the fascists.

And, she thoroughly insulted the former TeaBagger caucus by installing metal detectors at entrances to the Capitol after Trump and some members of the caucus incited an insurrection to overthrow constitutional order, and to lynch then-Vice President Mike Pence, on January 6.

The group was also very angry at Ms. Pelosi for removing one of their cult, Marjory Taylor-Greene, from her committee assignments because of calls for violence against Democrats and promoting dangerous conspiracies on social media.  It is noteworthy that if Republicans had even a scintilla of ethics, they would have stripped Taylor-Greene of her committee work. But they likely knew that if they took that action their boss Trump would have beat them down like an ugly stepchild.

Obviously there is little chance McCarthy will have any success in removing Speaker Pelosi from her post, and the fascist caucus knows it is a futile effort. Their demand was just to show their man-turned-god Trump that they are doing every- and anything to stop the Select Committee’s investigation. It is important to remember that there was a negotiated deal in place for a “bipartisan” investigation into the January 6 attempted coup but Republicans promptly blocked it.

It is worth reiterating that the negotiations included every demand Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wanted. But then he likely received a directive from Trump to block the commission by any means possible. Republicans obeyed Trump and put a stop to the negotiated bipartisan investigation.

When Ms. Pelosi formed the Select Committee, Trump’s only remaining option was placing surrogates for himself and Giuliani on the committee. When that failed, the fascist caucus swung into action and attempted another kind of coup that Trump likely believed would rid himself of an investigation and Pelosi all at once. Like everything connected to Trump, including the ridiculous House Freedom Caucus, the effort was another failure.