Ex-GOP Congresswoman Says The Republican Party Is Effectively A Trump-Worshipping Ponzi Scheme

Despite Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden, the 2021 CPAC has shown that the Republican Party is doubling down on Trumpism, not trying to turn the page on the disgraced former president.

According to former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock, the continued embrace of Trump, despite the fact that he’s such an unpopular political figure, is largely about campaign contributions.

“It’s about money and about people continuing to, unfortunately, get money out of people,” she said. “They want to get contributions.”

“It really is a money-making operation now,” Comstock said of the current GOP.


Comstock said:

First of all, the American people canceled Donald Trump. This conference is called ‘America Uncanceled’. He was canceled by the voters. Even though 74 million voted for him, many of those have now not only, you know, don’t support him anymore, they’ve left the party after January 6th. So it really sickens me to see people there at CPAC, you know, lauding what they did on January 6th that led to five deaths and still is costing the country so much and still threatening the country. But Donald Trump is diminishing every day. You know — his support. He’s down to 37% favorability, 60% unfavorable. So this is not a path forward to a majority for Republicans. I understand there’s a lot of Republicans who are hanging onto him, but after he’s lost the House, the Senate, the White House, over 60 court cases on his, you know, baseless election claims, and then been impeached twice, and still is going to be losing as you go forward with civil cases, possible criminal cases. This guy is a sore loser, and there’s no path forward with this. So it’s sad for me to see people with the golden calf Donald Trump down there. It’s about money and about people continuing to unfortunately get money out of people like that couple you saw there. They want to get contributions. It really is a money-making operation now.

GOP leaders are milking the MAGA base for money

The same lies that caused the Jan. 6 insurrection in the first place – the lie that Donald Trump is the rightful president, not Joe Biden – is still being embraced by many Republicans to raise cash and energize the base.

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reopened the door for Trump this past week, saying he would support the disgraced former president if he’s nominated in 2024.

As Ron Fournier wrote back in 2016, “Donald Trump’s presidential record is just like his actual business record: exploiting the hopes and fears of Americans by promising huge rewards, without any practical plan for delivering them. It’s a political Ponzi scheme.”

The GOP deploying the same strategy today by stirring up its supporters with lies about the 2020 election, all to get campaign cash without serving their constituents in any meaningful way.

By clinging to Donald Trump and his base of supporters, Republican officials are making it clear that campaign contributions are more important to them than truth and democracy.

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