Trump Lashes Out Dangerously at Judges and Juries After Key Durham Acquittal

The MAGA response to the acquittal of Igor Danchenko came as a surprise to many of us on the Left. Very few of us followed the Durham investigation (there wasn’t a lot to follow), few very of us thought there would be much to come of it, and most of us believed that the FBI is incapable, nor desirous, of a widespread conspiracy to keep Trump out of office. Many of us believed that the FBI was doing its job in checking on the counterintelligence concerns with Trump. But it is a completely different story in MAGA land, where there was an absolute conviction that large sections of the “Deep State” were certainly out to get Trump, and Durham would round them all out and expose the plot. Now they’re lashing out. We have seen it out of Spicer, Cavuto, the NYPost, and others, and now, we’re hearing it from Trump. Only it’s far more dangerous coming straight from the leader. Via Truth Social:

The disgraceful judicial system was on full display yet again with the Danchenko Verdict. Durham could not get a fair shake in the Swamp of biased and partisan juries, where you are told that no Republican based or supported case can be won no matter how good it is, & judges that are so biased, unfair and angry that it is literally dangerous to be in court! I was told by many that Durham’s case was a great one but he has ZERO chance of winning in “that Court.” Sorry Justice Roberts, but so true!

The bolded are words of war or at least serious strife. If things were reversed, and we genuinely believed the above (as opposed to it being a conspiracy theory), wouldn’t we be looking for ways to cure the problem non-violently?

Many on the MAGA Right are prepared to “fix this” violently. Notice how Trump frames it as “Republican-based or supported”? He means Trump’s favorite cases.  All non-Trumpers are RINOs. This bomb of a post is meant to serve two purposes. One, he’s furious that no one is finding this Russian hoax because deep down, at the very least, it isn’t a hoax, just as the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee quietly found. Second, and much more importantly, Trump faces so many court cases now, just out of the E. Jean Carroll deposition, already defending the New York A.G. case, and with possible criminal charges coming from the IRS in New York all the way down to U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach. The more Trump can cast the judiciary as rigged.

Ultimately, just as with elections, Trump wants to undermine any element of government that doesn’t go his way and damned the consequences. This is the “great man” we’re talking about, the savior to the disenfranchised cult, terribly fearful of a country headed into a new age of pluralism. It is the Article Three attack to go along with the First and Second.

It is a grievance, one meant to convey that they no longer have a country anymore. There is no redress short of violence. That is the message.

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