Rachel Maddow Just Became Mike Pence’s Worst Nightmare

Rachel Maddow Mike Pence Russia

Rachel Maddow took apart Vice President Mike Pence’s lies about Mike Flynn and showed why the VP is facing his own Russia problems.

Maddow said:

The person whose role in all of this is perhaps most implausible and therefore most troubling is actually the vice president, Mr. Roboto, Mike Pence. While over half the officials in the administration were overtly talking about Flynn’s discussions about sanctions, Mike Pence, the head of the transition said he knew nothing about that, never heard any of that, no idea. When another controversy about Flynn arose and Flynn had to retroactively register as a foreign agent who had been secretly working for Turkey during the presidential campaign, Flynn’s lawyers said they notified the transition multiple times, including in writing about Flynn’s ties to that foreign government as well. Again, Mike Pence was the head of the transition, which was the entity which was notified about Flynn’s foreign ties. But Mike Pence said had no idea about that. Never heard about it. You are running the transition and it turns out the national security adviser, the incoming national security adviser had secret undisclosed foreign ties that he is under federal investigation for? That doesn’t rise to your level? What else were you busy with? read more