Trump Accidentally Admits That Fox News Is White House Propaganda

While talking to reporters, Trump went off on a tangent about Fox News where he accidentally revealed that Fox is propaganda.

Trump Thinks That He Controls The Presidential Debates (He Doesn’t)

Trump presidential debates

Trump is under the false and delusional impression that he makes the rules and controls the general election presidential debates.

While At A Golf Course For The 210th Time, Trump Claims Obama Didn’t Do His Job As President

On his way back from 208th visit as president to one of his golf courses, Donald Trump claimed that Obama didn't do his job as president.

Trump Pathetically Tries To Tweet His Way Out Of A Recession

No recession has replaced no collusion and no obstruction, as Trump is trying to tweet the country out of an oncoming recession.

Poll Shows Trump Has Turned GOP Into The White Nationalist Party

Republican concern about white nationalism has plummeted to being 52 points below that Democrats thanks to President Donald Trump.

Beto O’Rourke Perfectly Explains How Trump Uses Racism And Violence As Distractions

Beto O'Rourke Trump racist distraction

Beto O'Rourke said that Trump tries to distract people from their daily lives with his racist attacks and threats of violence.

The White House Just Cost Trump The Election By Promising A Strong 2020 Economy

Peter Navarro 2020 econony

Peter Navarro made a promise that could send Trump to 2020 defeat when said that the economy will be strong in 2020 and beyond.

Pete Buttigieg Makes GOP Nightmares Real By Equating A Vote For Trump To Racism

Buttigieg Trump racism

Pete Buttigieg made a clear argument that people who vote for Trump are looking the other way on racism and giving a racist president 4 more years.

Trump Blames Media Bias Not His Total Failure As President For Bad Polls

Trump claimed that he would have great poll numbers if it wasn't for media bias instead of his failure at every aspect of the presidency.

Trump Has Spent 278 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf Trips

Trump boasted about donating his presidential salary, but his taxpayer-funded trips to his private golf clubs have cost taxpayers 278.5 years of presidential salary.

Company Made Workers Attend Trump PA Event By Threatening Not To Pay Them

Trump PA Event Illegal Campaign rally

Shell officials in Beaver County, PA gave workers a choice, they could either attend Trump's event or not be paid for the day.

Trump Wants To Declare Antifa A Terrorist Organization To Protect His Racist Mass Shooting Supporters

Trump is trying to distract from white supremacist mass shootings by declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

Republicans Block The FEC From Calling The FBI About NRA Russian Money Laundering For Trump

Republicans on the Federal Election Commission wouldn't allow the Commission to make a single phone call to the FBI about a potential investigation into NRA Russian money laundering for Trump

Adam Schiff Introduces Bill To Make Domestic Terrorism A Federal Crime

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has introduced a new that would make domestic terrorism a federal crime.

One Fox News Poll Finding Signals Potential Doom For Trump

The Fox News poll found that Trump isn't persuading anyone outside of his supporters to vote for him, including who dislike both the president and Joe Biden.

Leaked Document Blows The Lid Off GOP Strategy To Blame The Left For Mass Shootings

A leaked memo revealed that the House Republican strategy is to downplay the role of white supremacy while blaming the left for mass shootings.

Twitter Suspends Anthony Scaramucci for calling Trump Fat

Twitter temporarily suspended Anthony Scaramucci for pointing out the fact that Donald Trump is fat.

Trump Attacks One Of His Own Supporters For Being Fat At His Rally

Trump attacks supporter for being fat

Trump turned on one of his own supporters and humiliated him for being fat when he mistakenly thought he was a protester at his New Hampshire rally.

Rachel Maddow Left Speechless By Trump’s Moronic Idea To Buy Greenland

All of this is completely on-brand for Donald Trump, who is demonstrating – once again – that he has the intellectual capacity of a child.