Factbox: More than 20 Democrats, two Republicans vie for presidential nomination

The largest Democratic field in the modern U.S. political era is competing for the party's 2020 presidential nomination.

The diverse group of more than 20 vying to challenge President Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, includes seven U.S. senators. A record six women are running, as well as black, Hispanic and openly gay candidates who would make history if one of them becomes the party's nominee.

Sherrod Brown Explains Why No Working-Class American Should Vote For Trump

During an interview with Chris Matthews, Sen. Brown said the big elitist and con man in American politics is Donald Trump.

Trump’s Job Approval Craters Into The 30s As Joe Biden’s Favorability Rating Soars

Trump's favorability rating is worse than Biden's by double digits with just 38 percent saying they hold a favorable opinion of the incumbent president.

The Media Ignores Trump’s Desperate Pennsylvania Rally As Joe Biden Has Him Running Scared

It's no surprise that Trump dropped into Pennsylvania on Monday to try to salvage his sinking political hopes in the state. But is anyone listening?

Voters In Trump Country Admit The GOP Tax Scam Didn’t Help Them At All

If this part of the Keystone State is slipping away from Trump, it's a bad sign for the president who needs to hold Pennsylvania in his column in 2020.

Fox Poll Shows Trump’s Support Sinking Into The 30s As Biden Leads By Double Digits

Former vice president Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, and he has a sizable lead in the Democratic primary race.

Americans Are Sick Of Trump Bragging As 55% Want To Abolish Electoral College

Trump has been ranting about his Electoral College win for nearly three years, but a new poll shows that 55% of Americans want to abolish it.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Tells Republicans That Their Hate Campaign Will Never Silence Her

This is a hate campaign meant to silence and marginalize the first two female Muslims in Congress. Newsflash for the GOP: It's not working.

Another State Passes Legislation To Give Its Electoral College Votes To The Popular Vote Winner

Five presidents have been elected without having won the national popular vote. Two of those instances happened since 2000.

Rep. Hurd Voted Against Protecting Preexisting Conditions, Now He’s Got A Powerful 2020 Democratic Challenger

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) voted last week against protecting patients with preexisting conditions, so Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones, who lost to Hurd by 926 votes is challenging him again.

Rachel Maddow Tells Trump His Fight To Stop Release Of Financial Docs Is Failing Miserably

The more this president fights the release of his tax returns and other financial documents, the more obvious it is that he is hiding something.

Adam Schiff Wants New Law To Make It A Crime For Presidential Campaigns To Seek Foreign Help

Even though the Trump campaign is still under investigation for working with Russia in 2016, they seem eager to seek foreign help again in 2020.

Joe Biden Just Destroyed The Myth That He’s Not Tough Enough On Climate Change

It's flat-out wrong for anybody – whether they're on the left or right – to say that Joe Biden has been a sellout on this issue.

Trump’s Big Lie Collapses: Data Shows Areas With More Undocumented Immigrants Have Less Crime

Trump knows his best bet politically is to play into peoples' fears and prejudices – even if they're completely baseless.

Trump falsely claims he never used dirt from Russia in election

Trump dirt Russia

Trump claimed that he would pledge not to use information from Russia in the 2020 election because he didn't use it in 2016, but he did.

Donny Deutsch Tells Trump Backers To Wake Up: ‘It’s Insanity’ They Continue To Support Him

Trump supporters are more interested in fighting culture wars with a racist bully than electing a president who will fight for them.

Trump Just Went Berserk And Blasted Twitter With 60 Retweets In 45 Minutes

Trump's latest meltdown, which filled his Twitter feed with dozens of more retweets, makes it pretty clear: Trump isn't just unstable. He's terrified. 

‘Grade-A Idiot’: Julián Castro Destroys Trump For Encouraging Violence Against Immigrants

Since the earliest days of his campaign, Donald Trump has been a beacon of inspiration for violent white supremacists and racists.

Trump’s Approval Rating Is Plunging In Every Single Swing State

Trump is in real trouble in the swing states as his approval rating is negative in all the states that will decide the 2020 election.

House Dem Tells His Party To Take Immediate Legal Action Against Trump Before It’s Too Late

Given the frequency with which Trump is ignoring Congress, the point of no return may be approaching more quickly than some Democrats think.