Pete Buttigieg Smacks Down Tulsi Gabbard For Defending Trump’s Syria Disaster

Gabbard Syria

Gabbard seemed to suggest that it's not just Trump who deserves blame for the humanitarian catastrophe playing out in Syria. 

Cory Booker Defends Joe Biden And Slams The Media For Elevating Trump’s Lies


Cory Booker may have had difficulty getting speaking time early in the debate, but he made a splash on Tuesday night by standing up for Joe Biden.

Trump Is Greeted By Rows Of Empty Seats In Minnesota As Impeachment Sinks His Presidency

Trump Empty Seats

Trump tried to save his crumbling presidency by riling up the MAGA mob at a rally in Minnesota, but he was greeted by rows of empty seats.

Spineless GOP Senator Declines 5 Times To Condemn Trump For Extorting A Foreign Power

Spineless Gardner

When Cory Gardner loses next November, it'll be because of moments like this when he forgot that his job is to defend the United States, not Donald Trump.

Desperate Pence Tries To Save Himself By Throwing Trump Under The Bus On Ukraine

Desperate Pence

The vice president is basically saying that, sure, Trump may have tried to extort a foreign power – but he had nothing to do with it.

Hillary Clinton Takes Down Trump By Telling Him She Could ‘Beat Him Again’

Clinton emphasized on Tuesday that she isn't running for president in 2020, but she was sure to masterfully troll Donald Trump in the process.

Republicans Are On A Sinking Ship As A Pro-Impeachment Wave Is Sweeping The Nation

A wave of pro-impeachment support has swept the country, with strong majorities of Americans now supporting the Democrats' inquiry.

Ari Melber Tells Trump That He Can Stonewall All He Wants, But The Facts Will Bring Him Down

Melber Trump Stonewall

Donald Trump's White House threw a tantrum about the ongoing impeachment inquiry, but no amount of presidential whining will alter the damning facts.

Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Is Deteriorating At An Alarming Rate Due To Impeachment

Trump Deteriorating

As more damning information comes to light about this president's misconduct, Donald Trump is only going to get more unstable.

Trump’s Lawyer Blows A Gasket After Ari Melber Names The Law Trump Broke During Ukraine Call

Trump Lawyer

The MSNBC host quickly put onscreen the law Trump violated when he tried to extort Ukraine into handing over dirt on former vice president Joe Biden.

Trump Is Losing To Every Democrat In Ohio As Support For Impeachment Surges

The backbone of Trump's 2016 Electoral College victory was the midwest, but a new poll shows that it could be his undoing in 2020.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Extorting Ukraine For Political Gain Since Last Year


For an administration that lacks direction in just about every area, it's increasingly clear that extortion is a staple of their foreign policy.

Trump And Giuliani Have Been Secretly Digging For Biden Dirt In Ukraine For At Least 6 Months

There is no question that Donald Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine was damning, but his scheme stretches far beyond one conversation.

Trump Is Now Accusing Democrats Of Trying To Steal The 2020 Election

Trump racist chinese

Trump is being impeached for trying to steal the 2020 election, so his campaign has released a commercial accusing Democrats to trying to steal the election

Joe Biden Flat Out Accuses Trump Of Trying To Hijack The 2020 Election

Joe Biden didn't mince words on Thursday as the Ukraine extortion and cover-up scandal continues to engulf the Trump presidency.

Ari Melber Gets Trump’s 2020 Campaign Spokesman To Admit The President Broke The Law

The MSNBC host got Trump's 2020 communications director to admit that it's a crime to work with a foreign government to influence an election.

Trump Answers Ukraine Question By Attacking Hillary Clinton For Not Visiting Wisconsin

Trump was unable to offer a credible defense as to why he pressured a foreign leader to interfere in an American election, so he played his greatest hits instead.

Joe Biden Goes Off: Trump Is Extorting Ukraine ‘Because He Knows I’ll Beat Him Like A Drum’

Biden also told the media to keep its eye on the ball and not get sucked into Trump's conspiracy theories, which have already been debunked.

Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme Could Bring Down Mike Pence

The repercussions of this scheme could be much worse not only because it involves something Trump in office, but because it could implicate the VP, too.

Trump Calls It ‘Perfectly Fine’ To Extort A Foreign Country Into Investigating Joe Biden

Emboldened by congressional inaction and fearful of Joe Biden's candidacy, Donald Trump is committing more crimes to win another presidential election.