One Fox News Poll Finding Signals Potential Doom For Trump

The Fox News poll found that Trump isn't persuading anyone outside of his supporters to vote for him, including who dislike both the president and Joe Biden.

Empty Seats In New Hampshire As Trump’s Latest Campaign Rally Flops

Donald Trump often likes to brag about his large crowd sizes, but rally in New Hampshire on Thursday didn't appear to be packed to capacity.

Fox News Poll Shows All Democratic Candidates Surging And Easily Beating Trump In 2020

Right now, American voters seem more than eager to send Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party packing come November 2020.

Trump Is Refusing To Secure U.S. Elections Until Democrats Pass Voter ID Laws

Donald Trump has been beating the voter fraud drum since 2016 when he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by roughly 3 million votes.

Another Blue Wave Is Brewing As Trump’s Numbers Collapse In 10 Swing States

It's still early, but Trump's lagging numbers in key parts of the country are setting the stage for another blue wave in 2020.

Joe Biden Shreds Breitbart Host Who Got In His Face To Defend Trump’s Racism

Former Vice President Joe Biden had no patience for anyone defending Trump's disgusting response to the hate in Charlottesville.

Opinion: Inciting Hatred Ought to Be an Impeachable Offense

[Where indicated, this article includes opinion by Tobias J. Grant, legal analyst at PoliticusUSA]

If a president incites one group of Americans to hate another group of Americans, it ought to be an impeachable offense. No matter what your views on the size of government may be, surely we can agree that a President must be duty bound to protect all Americans – not just the ones he likes. read more

‘The House Is On Fire’: Joy Reid Tells Dems To Stop Treating 2020 Like A Normal Election

Democrats are right to put forward a positive vision for the future, but they shouldn't tear each other apart in the process.

Trump’s Economy Is Creating 30,000 Fewer Jobs Per Month Than Obama’s

Donald Trump likes to claim he is the greatest jobs president that God ever created, but he isn't even the greatest jobs president of the last five years.

GOP Hopes Of Retaking The House Are Fading Fast As Another Republican Announces Retirement

Democrats already have control of the House, but Rep. Hurd's seat will be a prime target as the party looks to maintain or expand their grip on the chamber.

MSNBC Tunes Out Of Trump’s Ohio Rally As They Refuse To Air More ‘Send Her Back Crap’

As MSNBC and other cable outlets –aside from Fox News – continue to show, Trump's campaign events are no longer must-see television.

Biden Just Showed Trump What A Real Commander-In-Chief Looks Like

In just two minutes on Thursday, Joe Biden was more of a commander-in-chief than Donald Trump has been in two and a half years.

House Republicans Retire Because They Think Trump and GOP Are Toast

House Republicans are retiring in waves because they think that Trump is leading the Republican Party to defeat in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren Destroys The Argument That A Strong Progressive Can’t Beat Trump

If Warren can't convince Democratic primary voters that she can defeat Donald Trump in 2020, she will have a hard time capturing the nomination.

Pete Buttigieg Tells Democrats To Stop Letting Trump’s Phony Attacks Drive The Policy Debate

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg told his Democratic debate opponents on Tuesday to stop being so afraid of Donald Trump's petty attacks.

Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump A National Disgrace That Must Be Thrown Out Of Office

Elizabeth Warren is steadily building a strong and formidable campaign on substantive policy solutions and a willingness to take it to Donald Trump.

Americans Of All Ages And Races Agree: Trump Is A Racist

As Trump continues to amp up his bigotry, voters have reached a consensus on at least one fact: The president is a racist.

Former GOP Chairman Teams Up With Al Sharpton To Destroy Trump’s Racism

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele didn't just express outrage over Trump's racism, but he criticized his party for remaining silent.

Mitch McConnell Is Panicking As The ‘Moscow Mitch’ Label Sticks

Mitch McConnell looks to be panicking as the 'Moscow Mitch' label continues to stick after he blocked commonsense election security legislation.

Trump’s Rust Belt Hopes Evaporate As New Poll Shows Him Losing To Every Democrat In Michigan

Trump admits he would commit a felony to win.

The rust belt states that propelled Donald Trump to the White House in 2016 could be his undoing in next year's presidential election.