Trump Is So Toxic That Republicans Are Keeping Him Out Of The Georgia Senate Runoff

Republicans are so worried that Trump would come to Georgia and blow the Senate runoff that they are keeping him out of the state.

The New York Times reported:

Donald J. Trump will not cross the Florida state line to campaign with Herschel Walker during the final week of the Georgia Senate runoff election after both camps decided the former president’s appearance carried more political risks than rewards, campaign officials for the two Republicans said on Monday.

The decision to keep Mr. Trump out of the spotlight was a response largely to the former president’s political style and image, which can energize his core supporters but also motivate Democratic voters and turn off significant segments of moderate Republicans.

With the exception of a poll released recently that leans heavily Republican, there is no evidence that Herschel Walker is in a position to with the Georgia Senate runoff. Without control of the Senate on the line, Independent and swing voters are showing little interest in voting for Herschel Walker.

Sen. Warnock, who has already been through a runoff election, has been turning out a huge number of early voters in heavily Democratic areas. Sending Trump to Georgia could only serve to make Walker’s likely margin of defeat worse, but it is revealing that Trump is toxic that Republicans can’t let him campaign in Georgia because he will alienate moderate Democratic and Republican voters.

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