Katie Hobbs is projected to defeat Kari Lake in Arizona.

Katie Hobbs Defeats Kari Lake To Become The Next Governor Of Arizona

Democrat Katie Hobbs has defeated Republican Kari Lake to become the next governor of Arizona, according to NBC News.

The call for Katie Hobbs:

Video of Steve Kornacki:

NBC News’s Steve Kornacki said explained that the final number could get tighter, but the governor race is over:

There’s still some possibilities here that this could get closer. One variable here is how are the provisional ballots subject to post-election verification. How are they going to break? We actually saw Donald Trump in Arizona do fairly well with those back in 2020. There’s another issue in Maricopa County.

That was by far the bulk of the vote that just came in that put Katie Hobbs over the top in the governor’s race. There’s still a small share, a couple thousand that we’re talking here. If you were following on election day, there were some issues at polling places throughout Maricopa County. Ballots were sort of — voters were having some issues being able to cast ballot, they were placed in ballot box three.

There are still a few thousand of those, election day votes, the election day voters are a more Republican-friendly group generally speaking. There could be room there for Republicans to have some success there. Not in terms of the outcome of the governor’s race.

Kari Lake has been tweeting for days that she was going to win the governor’s race because the Republican cavalry was coming.

The Republican cavalry never came.

Kari Lake lost, as Arizona voters rejected MAGA extremism across the board. Arizona Republicans have lost every high-profile race in the state besides attorney general because that election is still too close to call with the Democratic candidate holding a small lead.

America’s potential Kari Lake nightmare has been avoided, unless Donald Trump chooses her as his 2024 running mate, Kari Lake can now exit and get off of the national stage.


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