House Democrat Praises Biden For Getting COVID Relief Through The Senate Instead Of Playing Golf

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) praised President Joe Biden on Saturday after the United States Senate passed his American Rescue Plan by a slim 50 to 49 vote.

Not a single Republican senator supported the legislation, but Crow said Biden’s hands-on efforts made the difference in keeping all Democratic senators united for the vote.

“President Biden is not golfing,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “He’s actually working this legislation, calling people, making it happen.”

Crow said that while the bill passed by the Senate doesn’t contain everything he wants, it’s still a “darn good bill” that will make a huge difference in the lives of the American people.


Crow said:

Let’s take a step back here and actually just soak in the moment and what’s actually happening and what we are seeing unfolding. Two months ago today, there was a violent insurrection that killed a police officer, brutally beat 140 others, tried to derail our democracy, tried to kill members of Congress. President Trump was refusing to leave office, we had no vaccination plan, people were fearful and afraid. Fast-forward to today, President Biden is not golfing. He’s actually working this legislation, calling people, making it happen. Whether that’s a legitimate policy debate on the floor of the Senate about unemployment benefits, about the technical details of this bill, and we’re hashing it out. … Things are actually working the way they should be working. This isn’t exactly the bill that I would like. It’s not the bill that I voted for and supported, but it’s a pretty darn good bill. It’s a bill that’s going to make a big difference. I think we just have to see how far we’ve come in the last few months.

Biden put in the work to get his relief plan through a divided Senate

Instead of sending out a series of angry tweets and jetting off to a golf course like his predecessor, Joe Biden has been working the phones to make sure his COVID relief plan made it across the finish line in the Senate.

That hard work paid off on Saturday when the legislation narrowly passed through the upper chamber of Congress.

Now the bill is headed to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to pass and be sent to Joe Biden for final approval.

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Jason Crow on Biden helping pass covid relief
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