GOP Mayor In North Carolina Throws Trump Under The Bus After Racist Rally Chant

Republicans are correct to disavow the racist chant spewed during Donald Trump's rally this week – but it's not nearly enough.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Makes Lindsey Graham Look Like An Ass After He Compares Trump To John McCain

Suggesting that Trump is falsely being called a bigot and then comparing him to John McCain is laughable, and Rep. Omar made him pay.

Chris Hayes Says Racism Is The Fuel That Keeps The Republican Party Alive

There is a simple reason so many Republican leaders are standing by Trump after his shameful rally in North Carolina: The GOP needs racism to survive.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Swarmed By Supporters Chanting ‘Welcome Home’ At Minnesota Airport

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was greeted by a crowd of supporters welcoming her home when she arrived at a Minnesota airport on Thursday.

Former SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens Dies At Age 99 – But His Warnings About Trump Live On

While John Paul Stevens may have passed away on Tuesday, his warnings about Donald Trump's abuse of presidential power should live on.

Trump Would Be Fired By Any Workplace In America For His Racist Rampage

If Trump held any other job in America and launched into a racist tirade directed at one of his co-workers, he would be fired.

Chris Matthews Tells GOP Reps Defending Trump’s Racism To ‘Stay Away From The Lincoln Memorial’

Even though a bipartisan majority voted to formally condemn Donald Trump's racism on Tuesday, the vast majority of Republicans stood by the president.

Trump Humiliated As Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Votes To Condemn His Bigotry

A handful of Republicans and the House's only independent, Rep. Justin Amash, joined with Democrats to condemn Trump's bigotry.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Shows That She Knows More About American Values Than Trump Ever Will

Rep. Omar reminded the president that America's strength comes from its diversity, not from spewing white nationalist attacks.

Joe Biden Just Showed More Compassion In 50 Seconds Than Trump Has In His Entire Life

Joe Biden might be imperfect, but he connects with people on a human level – something Donald Trump couldn't even dream of doing.

World Leaders Tear Trump To Shreds For Spewing ‘1950s Racism’

From the United Kingdom and Canada to Germany and Belgium, the advanced world stepped up and condemned Donald Trump's racism.

‘Alcaida’ And ‘Peopel’: Trump’s Handwritten Notes Show That He Is A Racist With Poor Grammar

The longer his presidency goes on, the more comfortable Trump is flaunting his idiocy and his racism, as he's shown again over the past several days.

Trump Is Golfing As ICE Prepares To Wreak More Havoc On Immigrant Families

As the Trump administration prepares a new round of raids targeting immigrant families in major American cities, the president hit the golf course.

The SDNY Epstein Investigation Could Verify ‘Savage’ Rape Allegation Against Trump

The SDNY's investigation into everything related to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation could be Donald Trump's worst nightmare.

Trump Goes On Insane Twitter Spree As New Orleans Floods Ahead Of Tropical Storm Barry

With New Orleans already underwater ahead of Tropical Storm Barry, Donald Trump went on a wild retweet rampage on Twitter.

Kamala Harris Calls Trump A Small Man Hiding Behind Big Tweets

During an interview with Rachel Maddow, Kamala Harris said Trump is a small man who hides behind big tweets and cruel, inhumane rhetoric and policy.

The Fear Is The Point: Rachel Maddow Exposes The Reason Behind Trump’s ICE Raids

The thing about running a campaign based solely on minority resentment and fear is that you have to keep increasing the dosage.

All Hell Breaks Loose In The White House Rose Garden As Trump Supporters Attack Journalists

Thursday's parking lot-style brawl in the White House Rose Garden was another reminder of just how far the U.S. has fallen in the Trump era.

Trump’s Citizenship Executive Order Is Already Going Up In Flames

Donald Trump's executive order stunt that he announced on Thursday isn't the only distraction he's pulling out following his census loss.

Trump Refuses To Take Questions From Reporters After Humiliating Cave-In On Census

Donald Trump never shies away from getting his head in front of the cameras and rambling incoherent nonanswers to reporters. Today he did.