Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Back Trump Into A Corner On Guns With One Genius Move

With one move, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tied Donald Trump's hands by giving him an offer he would be insane to turn down.

Trump Freaks Out And Calls For Mass Resignations At The NY Times Over Kavanaugh Allegations

Trump called for mass resignations at The Times for reporting on the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations and the Trump-Russia campaign collusion in 2016.

Dem Congresswoman Says Articles Of Impeachment Will Come To A Vote On The House Floor

When it comes to impeachment, Democrats have a slew of Trump offenses to choose from if they pursue a formal inquiry in the coming weeks and months.

Joy Reid Responds To Trump’s Attacks By Listing All The Impeachable Offenses He Has Committed

When Trump sees Reid's response to his juvenile tantrum – and it's almost certain that he will – it's likely to send him into another fit of rage. 

Trump Attacks MSNBC’s Joy Reid And Confirms He Is Deeply Intimidated By Strong Women Of Color

Trump's latest Saturday spewings only confirm what we've already known about him: He is intimidated by strong women of color.

Even Ted Cruz Admits Texas Is Slipping Away From Trump And The GOP

The political winds are shifting in favor of the Democrats, which makes Texas a state to watch as the presidential campaign plays out next year.

Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump For Turning America Into The Laughingstock Of The World

The mayor pointed to Trump's clownish failure in his reckless trade war and his embarrassing performance at the recent G7 summit in France.

Elizabeth Warren Blames Mitch McConnell Corruption For Endless Gun Massacres

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren railed against Congress for standing in the way of common-sense gun reforms that would save lives.

Biden Smacks Down Bernie Sanders For Lecturing Him On Cancer Coverage

Some of Joe Biden's strongest debate moments have been when health care was the issue the Democratic candidates were discussing.

Kamala Harris Stares Into The Camera And Tells Trump He Should Be Indicted

Kamala Harris used her opening statement during Thursday's debate to tell Donald Trump that he should be indicted for his crimes.

New Poll Shows Biden Is The Only 2020 Democrat Who Beats Trump In The Rust Belt

Biden beats Trump in all three of the key rust belt states, while Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are narrowly behind in Michigan.

Rachel Maddow Destroys Trump’s Lie About ‘Firing’ John Bolton

Trump claims he fired national security adviser John Bolton last night, but Rachel Maddow exposed that to be another lie in an era full of falsehoods.

Trump’s Reelection Is Already Cratering As Just 36% Think He Deserves A Second Term

The 2020 presidential campaign hasn't reached full swing, and Donald Trump's reelection chances are already starting to crater.

Trump Wants To Make It Harder For African Americans To Buy Homes

A new housing plan from the Trump administration will make it more difficult for those in the minority community to buy homes.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Being Guilty Of Crimes He Accused Hillary Clinton Of Committing

Trump spent the 2016 election cycle saying Clinton couldn't be trusted with classified intel, but it is he who has been mismanaging sensitive material.

Democrats Hold Six-Point Early Vote Lead In Key North Carolina Special Election

Win or lose for the Democrats, the fact that such a GOP-heavy district is a tossup race should give them optimism heading into 2020.

Trump Brags About Rain-Soaked Supporters Even Though His Rally Site Was Clear And Sunny All Day

As Trump's rally kicked off on Monday, it was 88 degrees and sunny. In fact, it hadn't rained all day at the site of the president's campaign event.

Trump Admin Threatened To Fire NOAA Officials If They Didn’t Repeat False Hurricane Forecast

The administration threatened to fire officials at the NOAA if they didn't go along with Donald Trump's false hurricane forecast.

Thousands Of Federal Weather Workers Fight Back As Trump Destroys The NOAA’s Credibility

Donald Trump is destroying the credibility of one of the most non-partisan and important government entities, and it could put American lives at risk.

House Democrats Are Planning To Go To War Over Trump’s Presidential Profiteering

Trump has been in violation of the Emoluments Clause since day one, but in recent weeks those violations appear to be more flagrant.