Biden And Sanders Are Tied Followed By Warren, Buttigieg and Harris In Iowa

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are tied in a wide-open Iowa Democratic caucus, with Buttigieg, Warren, and Harris also at double-digit support.

Joe Biden Has A Higher Favorability Rating Than Trump Has Ever Had

A new Gallup poll shows that Joe Biden has a higher favorability rating that Trump has ever had as a candidate or president.

Bernie Sanders Is More Popular With Fox News Viewers Than MSNBC

Bernie Sanders support Fox News

Bernie Sanders gets nearly double the support from Fox News viewers (22%) than he gets from MSNBC viewers (13%) in a new poll.

Bernie Sanders is more popular with Fox News viewers than MSNBC viewers

According to a new Morning Consult poll that breaks down support for Democratic candidates based on what media they consume, “The Vermont senator has 22% of the share of Fox News viewers, but only 13% of support among MSNBC viewers.” Fox News is Sen. Sanders best-performing media category followed by Wall Street Journal readers (19%), New York Times and Washington Post readers (17% each). Sanders is getting beaten badly by Biden with both MSNBC viewers (44%-13%) and Fox News viewers (42%-22%). Among MSNBC viewers, Elizabeth Warren is closest to Sanders (10%) followed by Pete Buttigieg (9%), Kamala Harris (7%), and Beto O’Rourke (5%). read more

Joe Biden Just Destroyed The Myth That He’s Not Tough Enough On Climate Change

It's flat-out wrong for anybody – whether they're on the left or right – to say that Joe Biden has been a sellout on this issue.

Joe Biden Leads By 31 In South Carolina As Pete Buttigieg Rises

A new poll of the South Carolina Democratic primary has Joe Biden leading Bernie Sanders by 31 as Pete Buttigieg as the biggest upward mover besides Biden.

Joe Biden Now Leads Bernie Sanders By 18 In New Hampshire

Joe Biden has opened up an 18 point lead in New Hampshire over Bernie Sanders in a neighboring state that Sanders must win in 2020.

Fox News Town Hall Backfires As The Crowd Nearly Unanimously Supports Medicare For All

The American people agree that in the richest country on earth, health care coverage should be a right, not a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

Bernie Sanders Vows To Support Eventual Democratic Nominee: ‘Trump Must Be Defeated’

Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised on Saturday that he will support the eventual nominee.

Bernie Sanders Proposes Attaching A Lie Detector To Trump During The 2020 Debates

No matter who the Democratic nominee is, it will be a challenge to keep track of all the lies Trump will tell during the campaign

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Mitch McConnell’s Thuggery On Kavanaugh Nomination

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for trying bully undecided Republican Senators to vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

Bernie Sanders Drops The Hammer And Demands FBI Make Kavanaugh’s Lies Part Of Investigation

Bernie Sanders campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called on the FBI to include the lies Brett Kavanaugh told under oath in their investigation.

Republicans Just Got A New Big Problem As Democrats Are In Position To Flip Tennessee Senate Seat

Popular Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen is leading Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn by 2-4 points in a new poll of the US Senate race in Tennessee.

Bernie Sanders Bursts Into Laughter Over GOP Claim That Dems Don’t Care About CHIP

"These are the guys who wanted to cut Medicaid by $1 trillion over a ten-year period. These are the guys who wanted to wipe out completely the Affordable Care act and throw 32 million people off of health insurance."

Trump Privately Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Who The Democrats Will Nominate In 2020

The report confirms what we already knew about Trump: He is constantly obsessing over campaign-style politics instead of actually doing his job.

Bernie Sanders Just Gave Democrats A Great Reason To Feel Very Merry This Christmas

On CNN's State Of The Union, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) explained that Democrats are will elections all across the country because Trump is a national referendum and people are rising up to vote no.

‘People Aren’t Stupid’: Bernie Sanders Shuts Down GOP Tax Scam In 15 Seconds

Sanders took a machete to the Republican tax scam on Monday, saying that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why it’s so unpopular.

Bernie Sanders Warns That Republicans Are Coming To Kill Social Security And Medicare After The Tax Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is warning that after Republicans cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, their next move is going to be to attack Social Security and Medicare.

Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb About Republican Attempts To Dredge Up Bill Clinton’s Scandals

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said during an interview on CNN's State Of The Union that the nation has a sexual harassment crisis and that the goal is to change US culture, not to relitigate the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

Bernie Sanders Schools The Media Why It’s Fair To Call Trump An Authoritarian

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had to school the press on why it is "fair" to call out Trump's love for authoritarians during an interview on CBS's Face The Nation.