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Bernie Sanders tells the truth about inflation.

Bernie Sanders Schools CNN On The Real Reason For High Inflation

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went on CNN and spoke the truth that corporate greed was the real reason for high inflation.

Transcript via CNN:

BASH: Why is the message that you gave in your speech…


BASH: … that you just said right now not resonating when it’s coming from the White House?

SANDERS: Well, that’s a great question.

And here’s the absurdity. You have a Republican Party that wants to give massive tax breaks to billionaires, a Republican Party that does not want to raise the minimum wage, a Republican Party that opposes legislation that will give workers the right to form unions, a Republican Party which wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

And the reason I think they do well among working-class people is, the Democrats have not been strong enough to oppose that agenda and present a strong alternative agenda. In other words, you can’t be pro- labor and pro-worker unless you have the guts to take on these large, profitable corporations who are exercising an unprecedented level of corporate greed.

The American people have got to know the reason that inflation was high last year was not because primarily of the war in Ukraine or a breakdown in supply chains. It was because of corporate greed in the fossil fuel industry, in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry.

These guys raised prices like crazy, while they made record-breaking profits.


As Sen. Sanders accurately pointed out, inflation remains with the country because of corporate greed. There is no Biden economic policy that caused inflation. Inflation was caused by corporations seeing an opportunity to price gouge on essentials and taking it.  The policies passed by Biden and the Democratic caucuses in the House and Senate have helped to ease inflation by investing in American-made energy, taking action action healthcare and pharmaceutical price inflation, and removing the supply chain excuse for corporate greed.

It is rare that the real reasons for inflation get discussed on cable news, but whether big corporate-owned media companies want to hear it or not, Sen. Sanders brought the truth.

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