Bernie Sanders tells progressives why they should vote for Biden on Face The Nation.

Bernie Sanders Tells Progressives Why They Must Vote For Joe Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made a compelling case to his fellow progressives for why they must vote for President Joe Biden.

Sen. Sanders was asked if he could, in good conscience, ask his supporters to vote for President Biden.

Sanders answered,  “Well, look, the contrast that I think President Biden made it very clear in the State of the Union address. If you believe that climate change is real, you’ve got to vote for President Biden, if you believe that women have a right to control their own bodies, you’ve got to vote for President Biden. If you think that at time of massive income and wealth inequality, you don’t give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the 1%, you’ve got to vote for Biden. If you want to lower the cost of prescription drugs, you’ve got to vote for Biden. If you believe in democracy, and involving people in the process, rather than keeping people from voting, you have to vote for Biden.”

When asked about the Gaza issue, Sanders said,  “I am saying we’ve got to come, not put it aside. The fight continues to change Biden’s policy in Gaza. But the contrast between Biden and Trump is day and night. The election of Trump would be a disaster for this country. And in my view of the world, we’ve got to come together, reelect Biden, but at the same time, we have to demand that we have a progressive agenda, where we have an economy that works for all, not just a few.”


The best way for progressives to get the policy changes that they are seeking is to advocate to Joe Biden. Not supporting Biden means electing Trump, which would be a disaster for progressives and the entire country.

Progressives currently have a seat at the table with Biden as president, but that seat will disappear if Donald Trump wins in 2024.

Biden has helped progressives make a lot of progress on their agenda, and the administration’s policy on Gaza is shifting, so it could be argued that progressives are having an impact on changing the policy on Gaza.

Progressives would throw away years of progress if they don’t support Biden and Trump wins the election.

Bernie Sanders was right, as he laid out why progressives should ensure that Joe Biden wins a second term.

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