Democrats Are About To Take Away Trump’s Biggest Impeachment Talking Point

Trump and the Republicans have been complaining that there has been no formal vote on the impeachment investigation, but House Democrats are moving to change that.

It’s About To Get Even Worse For Trump As Public Impeachment Hearings Are Coming Soon

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) says Democrats have five or six more witnesses to hear from and then public Trump impeachment hearings will begin.

Trump Is The First President In History That Americans Want To Impeach On Their Own

Trump is the first president that a majority of Americans want to impeach before the House of Representatives has made a recommendation on impeachment.

Dems Snag Another Key Impeachment Witness As Former Pompeo Adviser Agrees To Talk

The more current and former Trump officials who cooperate with the House impeachment probe, the more laughable the president's defense looks.

Rudy Giuliani Is Trying To Throw Trump Under The Bus As His Crimes Catch Up With Him

The president may have some protection from criminal charges and indictments while he's in office, but sleazeball lawyers do not.

Trump’s Stooges Throw A Tantrum Because Adam Schiff Won’t Let Them Spy On Impeachment

Rep. Jim Jordan threw a fit after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tossed Trump spy Rep. Matt Gaetz out of the closed impeachment interview of Fiona Hill.

Republicans Blame Democrats and Impeachment For Trump’s War Crimes In Syria

Liz Cheney blames Democrats and impeachment for Syria

Republicans, like Rep. Liz Cheney, are blaming Democrats for impeaching Trump and causing him to endorse Turkey's war crimes in Syria.

Democrats Kick Rep. Matt Gaetz Out Impeachment Interview For Trying To Spy For Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was kicked out of Fiona Hill's impeachment investigation testimony by Democrats because he tried to crash the hearing for Trump.

Adam Schiff Says The White House Already Gave Him The Evidence To Impeach Trump

Adam Schiff Trump impeachment evidence

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Sunday that the impeachment probe doesn't need the whistleblower to testify because Trump already gave them the evidence.

Gordon Sondland To Blow A Giant Hole In Trump’s Impeachment Defense

Sondland is trying to hedge on whether or not Trump was threatening Ukraine with a criminal quid pro quo, but he will confirm that Trump was withholding military aid to Ukraine to pressure them to investigate Biden.

Trump Humiliates Himself By Threatening To Sue Pelosi and Schiff Over Impeachment

Trump threatens to sue Pelosi and Schiff over impeachment

In a Saturday evening speech, President Donald Trump threatened to sue Speaker Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff over impeachment.

New Bombshell Evidence Reveals Trump Has Known Arrested Giuliani Associates For 5 Years

Trump has known arrested Giuliani associateds for 5 years

Those arrested associates of Rudy Giuliani's that Trump claims not to know, he has actually had a relationship with for five years.

Laurence Tribe Tells Trump He’s Going To Lose Badly If Impeachment Fight Reaches Supreme Court

Tribe Trump

Trump is in for a rude awakening when even the conservative SCOTUS justices will have no choice but to remind him that there is still a Constitution.

Trump Wrote The Temper Tantrum White House Impeachment Letter To Pelosi

Trump admits he would commit a felony to win.

The author of the rant filled impeachment letter that was sent to Nancy Pelosi this week wasn't an attorney, but Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff Shattered Trump’s Bid Block Marie Yovanovitch From Testifying

Trump tried to block former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from testifying, but Adam Schiff responded with a subpoena that she complied with.

At Least 4 National Security Officials Blew The Whistle About Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme

Both before and after Trump's infamous call with Ukraine, people inside the administration were deeply disturbed by the president's conduct.

House Impeachment Inquiry Immediately Subpoenas Arrested Giuliani Associates

The House Impeachment investigation wasted no time in subpoenaing the Rudy Giuliani associated who were arrested while trying to flee the country.

Trump Calls Mitch McConnell Three Times A Day To Freak Out About Impeachment

As more information comes to light surrounding the Ukraine scandal, it is becoming more difficult for the GOP to act like Trump's behavior is acceptable.

Trump’s Nightmare Comes True As Fox News Poll Shows A Majority Want Him Removed From Office

Any Trump-defending Republican in Congress who isn't panicking right now about surging impeachment support simply isn't paying attention.

Impeachment Sealed As Trump Directly Ordered His Cabinet To Deal With Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine

Trump ordered Energy and State Department officials to deal directly with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine.