Trump To Be Denied Attention, As Schumer Promises Fast Paced Impeachment Trial


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) promised that Trump would be held accountable but that his trial would move at a fast pace.

Video of Schumer:

Schumer said, “In terms of impeachment, look. Everyone wants to put this awful chapter in American history behind us. But sweeping it under the rug will not bring healing. The only way to bring healing is to actually have real accountability, which this trial affords. So we will move forward with the trial. It will be fair, but it will move at a relatively fast pace.”


Fair, but fast is definitely the right move. The country has real and immediate problems. The last thing that anyone wants is a long impeachment trial that puts Trump back in the spotlight while delaying the urgent need for COVID relief.

It would be shocking if this trial went on for more than two weeks.

The evidence is obvious. Trump’s own words from his speech are available for all to see and hear.

The best way to unify the country would be to hold Trump accountable and then immediately move on to passing COVID relief.

Trump isn’t going to be thrust back into the spotlight, as the impeachment trial won’t be his platform for a return.

The Senate will do its duty and then get back to the real business of helping the American people.

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