Adam Schiff Just Obliterated Trump’s Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Adam Schiff took apart Trump’s baseless smear that Joe Biden got a prosecutor in Ukraine fired to protect his son.

Schiff said:

The reason why Joe Biden is not material to these proceedings, the reason why this is a baseless smear is that the issue is not whether Hunter Biden should have sat on that board or not sat on that board. The issue is not whether Hunter Biden was properly compensated or improperly compensated or whether he speaks Ukrainian or he doesn’t speak Ukrainian. What the president asked for was an investigation of Joe Biden.

And the smear against Joe Biden is that he so the to fire a prosecutor because he was trying to protect his son. I guess that’s the nature of the allegation. And that is a baseless smear. As we demonstrated, as the unequivocal testimony in the House demonstrated, when the vice president so the dismissal of a corrupt and incompetent prosecutor it had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s position on the board.


It had everything to do with the fact the State Department, our allies, the International Monetary Fund were in unanimous agreement that this prosecutor was corrupt. And the uncontradicted testimony was also that in getting rid of that prosecutor, it would increase the chances of real corruption prosecutions going forward, not that it would decrease them. So the sham is this. The sham is that Joe Biden did something wrong when he followed United States policy. When he did what he was asked to do by our European allies.

When he did what he was asked to do by international financial institutions. And the other sham is the Russian propaganda sham, that this crowd strike kooky conspiracy theory that the Ukrainians, not the Russians, hacked the DNC and that someone whisked this server away to Ukraine to hide it. That is Russian intelligence propaganda. And, yes, it’s a sham. And it’s worse than a sham. It’s a Russian propaganda coup is what it is.

Thank god, Putin says, that they’re not talking about Russian interference anymore. They’re talking about Ukrainian interference. Now, counsel says, well, isn’t it possible that two countries interfered? But you heard what our own director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, said. There is no evidence of Ukrainian interference in our election. There is no evidence, so, yes, I think we can cite the FBI director for the proposition that that’s a sham.

Schiff went after three of Trump’s favorite conspiracies. He took apart the false claim of Biden corruption, Ukraine interference in the election, and Crowdstrike server.

All of it is BS. All of it is designed to blame someone else for Trump’s corruption and Russian election interference. It may fool Republicans, but it isn’t fooling the rest of the country.

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