Triggered Trump Blows A Gasket And Calls Mitt Romney A ‘Democrat Secret Asset’


Donald Trump and his supporters frequently attack their critics as snowflakes, but they spent Wednesday earning that label themselves after Mitt Romney courageously voted to convict the president.

To demonstrate just how triggered the MAGA world was by Romney’s surprise vote, Trump released an attack ad against the former GOP presidential nominee and current Utah senator.

The video called Romney “slick,” “slippery,” and “stealthy,” and accused him of being a “Democrat secret asset.”


Then, of course, since this is Trump, the ad played a highlight reel of the 2016 election results, comparing them to the 2012 campaign in which Romney lost to Barack Obama.

Video of the bizarre ad:

Not to be outdone, Donald Trump Jr. spent the hours after Romney’s vote throwing a tantrum that would embarrass even the most poorly developed grade schooler.

In a blizzard of tweets and retweets, the eldest Trump son took aim at Romney, calling him bitter and jealous and saying he should be expelled from the GOP conference.

Trump was completely stunned by Romney’s vote

It’s clear by Donald Trump’s behavior on Wednesday that Mitt Romney’s decision to put country over party completely stunned the White House and Senate Republicans as they hoped for a party-line vote on the two impeachment articles against Trump.

Instead, Romney became the first U.S. senator to vote to convict and remove a president of his own party and he gave cover to Democrats in purple and red states to vote in favor of removal.

In other words, there was a bipartisan vote to remove Donald Trump from office and a partisan vote to acquit him on Wednesday – something that happened in large part because Mitt Romney put country over party.

No wonder MAGA world is in meltdown mode.

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