Joaquin Castro Tells A Shaken Senate That Trump Left Them For Dead

In a powerful argument, Rep. Joaquin Castro told the Senate jurors that Donald Trump left them for dead during the Capitol attack.

Video of Rep. Castro:

Rep. Castro said:

This is hard to watch, but I think it’s important we understand what the capitol police were facing, how severely they were outnumbered while our commander in chief, whose job it was to protect and defend them, was just watching doing nothing for an hour, refusing to send help. If he wanted to protect these officers, if he cared about their safety as he tweeted about, he would have told his supporters to leave. He would have sent help right away, and one brave officer was killed. Others took their lives after the attack. More than 140 police officers were injured, including cracked ribs, smashed spinal discs. One officer will lose an eye. Another was stabbed with a metal fence stake.

They were completely and violently overwhelmed by a mob and needed help and our commander in chief, President Trump, refused to send it. Senators, you’ve seen all the evidence so far, and this is clear. On January 6th, President Trump left everyone in this capitol for dead.

Several Republican senators said that they were shaken by the footage of the attack, but they were still going to vote not to convict Trump:

The loss of human life, even potentially their own, can’t stand in the way of their naked political ambition.

Trump did leave every person in the Capitol for dead, and Senate Republicans don’t care.

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