Trump Humiliated As Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Votes To Condemn His Bigotry

A handful of Republicans and the House's only independent, Rep. Justin Amash, joined with Democrats to condemn Trump's bigotry.

Pelosi Won’t Back Down As House Votes To Keep Her Words About Trump’s Racist Tweets In The Record

Republicans tried to get Pelosi’s words removed after she called Trump’s tweets racist, but she wouldn’t back down, and the House voted to keep her remarks in the record.

Pelosi refused to change her remarks: read more

Republicans Try To Silence Pelosi After She Called Trump’s Tweets Racist On The House Floor

Pelosi Trump tweets racist

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called Trump's tweets disgraceful, disgusting, and racist, so Republicans tried to have her words removed from the record.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Shows That She Knows More About American Values Than Trump Ever Will

Rep. Omar reminded the president that America's strength comes from its diversity, not from spewing white nationalist attacks.

‘Alcaida’ And ‘Peopel’: Trump’s Handwritten Notes Show That He Is A Racist With Poor Grammar

The longer his presidency goes on, the more comfortable Trump is flaunting his idiocy and his racism, as he's shown again over the past several days.

Trump Goes Bonkers And Calls Nancy Pelosi A Racist

Trump Pelosi racist

Trump claimed that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made racist statements while doubling down on his racist attack against congresswomen of color.

Pelosi To Humiliate Trump With House Resolution Condemning His Racism

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will introduce a resolution in the House condemning Trump's racist and xenophobic attacks against four non-white Democratic congresswomen.

Pelosi Defends Fellow House Democrats From Trump’s Racist Smears

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) strongly defended the non-white House women that were smeared by Trump in a series of racist tweets.

Nancy Pelosi defends “The Squad.’

In response to Trump telling four House members who are American citizens to go back to their home countries, Pelosi tweeted: read more

The House Passes Bipartisan Amendment Blocking Trump From Attacking Iran

Trump war Iran

The House has passed an amendment as part of the NDAA blocking Trump from using any federal funds for an attack in or against Iran.

House Judiciary Committee To Subpoena Stormy Daniels And Others On Trump Felonies

The House Judiciary Committee is going to subpoena 12 individuals including Stormy Daniels as part of their investigation into Trump abuse of power. l

Pelosi To Humiliate Trump By Going After Criminal Contempt Against Barr and Ross

House Democrats will be moving to pursue criminal contempt charges against William Barr and Wilbur Ross over their refusal to turn over documents related to the Census citizenship question.

Justin Amash May Make Trump’s Life Hell By Running For President

Justin Amash run for president

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) left the Republican Party, and now he may wreck Trump's reelection campaign by running for president.

Joy Reid Shuts Down GOP Strategist For Saying Republicans Aren’t The Party Of Trump

Through all of his incoherent and embarrassing tweets, scandals, corruption and incompetence, Republicans have stood by this president.

Rep. Ted Lieu Just Owned Trump On His Citizenship Question Lie

Ted Lieu Trump obstruction

Trump is lying about delaying the Census, and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is calling him out on his false, inaccurate, and incorrect nonsense.

Ted Lieu Tells Trump The ‘New’ Tanks He Wants For 4th Of July Haven’t Been Made In 60+ Years

Ted Lieu reminded Trump that the new tanks he is demanding for his 4th of July event this week have been out of production for over 60 years.

Adam Schiff Is Ready For Barr’s Interference In Mueller’s Testimony

Schiff Barr Mueller testify

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sounded ready and prepared as he expects Attorney General Barr to interfere with Mueller's testimony.

House Dems Preparing Legislation That Would Bar Trump From Starting A War With Iran

As a result of the Trump administration's increasingly aggressive behavior toward Iran, the possibility of another war continues to grow.

Trump’s Nightmare Continues As Robert Mueller Will Testify Before Congress On July 17

The new development will ensure that the saga surrounding Mueller's report – and the crimes laid out in the document – will continue for Trump.