Nancy Pelosi Cuts Off Trump With Demand For Unclassified Mueller Report Briefings

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi showed that Democrats are ready for Trump's efforts to hide the Mueller report with a demand for unclassified briefings.

Congressman John Lewis: Trump Isn’t A Legitimate President Regardless Of The Mueller Report

Congressman John Lewis believes Donald Trump is an illegitimate president, regardless of what Robert Mueller's final report concludes.

‘He Needs His Diapers Changed’: Chris Matthews Tears Devin Nunes To Shreds Over Twitter Lawsuit

Instead of waging phony lawsuits, GOP Congressman Devin Nunes should find a new line of work – or, at the very least, find a safe space. 

Nancy Pelosi Is Ready To Override Trump’s National Emergency Veto

House Democrats are going to vote to override Trump's veto of the resolution killing his national emergency on March 26.

Nancy Pelosi Just Killed Mike Pence’s Sham National Emergency Bill

The sham bill that Senate Republicans are considering that would limit future emergency powers won't get a vote in the House according to Speaker Pelosi.

House Democrats Introduce New Dream Act Without A Dime For Trump’s Border Wall

The Democratic legislation – the Dream and Promise Act – isn't just a sensible policy proposal, but it's also good politics.

Nancy Pelosi Has Left Herself Plenty Of Room For Trump Impeachment

The best course of action is for Democrats to continue doing what they're doing, which is investigating the president, his campaign and his businesses.

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump A Thief While Trashing His Budget

Speaker Pelosi accused Trump of stealing from the American people to pay for things like his wall as completely trashed his budget wish list.

Pelosi And Schumer Kill Trump’s Request For $8.6 Billion In Wall Money

Trump is going to request $8.6 billion in wall money from Congress, but Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already said no.

Republicans Get A Rude Awakening As Democrats Aren’t Divided By Their Distractions

Rep. Eric Swalwell brought the discussion back to reality by saying that Democrats won't be distracted by Republican efforts to divide the party.

Maxine Waters Says Democrats Don’t Need Mueller’s Report To Move Forward On Impeachment

The Democratic lawmaker said she believes there is already enough on the table to move forward with impeachment hearings.

23 Disgraceful House Republicans Vote Against Anti-Hate Resolution

A House resolution condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim, and other hated failed to pass unanimously as a group of Republicans voted for hate.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Is Receiving Death Threats Thanks To The Media And GOP

According to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Rep. Ilhan Omar needs additional security because she is receiving death threats because after her controversial comments.