Here Are The 57 House Republicans Who Stood With Putin And Voted Against $40 Billion In Aid To Ukraine

House floor during Build Back Better

What I think is important for the American people to know is that what Putin has done is not only an act of brutality, it’s an act of cowardice. Who but a coward would pretend he’s going to war and bomb a maternity hospital? Who but a coward would have his soldiers resort to the cruelty of the rape of children or their parents in front of them, boys and girls? Who but a coward would pile these children in trains and take them to Russia?

The House passed $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, but 57 Republicans voted against it. Here are their names.

Lauren Boebert And Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Into A Fight And Had To Be Separated As The GOP Falls Apart

Lauren Boebert Gosar House floor

Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene had a confrontation over Greene attending a white supremacist event that was so intense they had to be separated.

Politico reported:

Republicans say Boebert (R-Colo.) — who’s seen as more of a party team player than Greene — detests being tied to her Georgia colleague. And when the House Freedom Caucus board of directors gathered last month at its usual spot a few blocks from the Capitol, the two tangled over Greene’s appearance at a February event organized by a known white nationalist. read more