James Comer admits he's got no evidence of President Biden influence peddling.

Even James Comer Admits Biden Impeachment Is Dead

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer admitted impeachment isn’t the best path and suggested DOJ criminal referrals instead.

Comer said on Newsmax, “I want to hold accountability, that’s what we said all along. We said when we launched the investigation, we wanted to provide the truth to the American people and then provide real accountability. So what does real accountability look like? Does it look like impeaching Joe Biden in the House and then the Senate tabling it like they’re going to do with the Merrick Garland impeachment, or does it mean providing real criminal referrals to the Department of Justice? I think the latter. I would vote to impeach Joe Biden right now. The impeachment inquiry was meant to give us more tools to be able to gather more information to be able to win in court when the Bidens challenged our lawful subpoenas. We’ve done all that.”

Video of Comer:

Comer was talking about the Mayorkas impeachment. Merrick Garland has not been impeached. The answer from the House Oversight Committee chair was an admission that Biden impeachment is dead. There will never be an impeachment vote or formal articles of impeachment.

The investigation into President Biden was a stunt that massively failed.
James Comer and Jim Jordan thought they could bluff and fool America into buying a Biden impeachment.

Comer’s big problem is that Donald Trump is demanding that President Biden be impeached. It will be tough to sell Trump on criminal referrals to the DOJ for Hunter Biden.

The Biden investigation has been an absurd abuse of congressional investigative authority.

Impeachment is dead, and Chair Comer is looking for a way out.

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