Jamie Raskin talks while James Comer listens at the Biden impeachment hearing.

Jamie Raskin Humiliates James Comer To His Face At Impeachment Hearing

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) laid out the humiliating details of the Biden impeachment failure with James Comer sitting beside him.

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Rep. Raskin said:

With any luck today marks the end of perhaps the most spectacular failure in the history of congressional investigations, the effort to find a high crime or misdemeanor committed by Joe Biden and then to impeach him for it. In prior hilarious episodes of this long-running madcap series, America got to see the following:

  • One, nearly 20 fact witnesses who could not identify a single act of wrongdoing by President Biden, much less a high crime and misdemeanor and who overwhelmingly testified that Biden was not involved in any of his family’s business adventures.
  • Two, three expert witnesses called by the majority itself, who said nothing that they had seen in the tens of thousands of pages of documents, produced by the majority even remotely approach the level of high crime and misdemeanor.
  • Bank records which show exactly what all the witnesses told us, that Joe Biden was not involved in his family members businesses.
  • Repeated voyeuristic displays of pornographic images by the Majority completely irrelevant to any conceivable legislative or investigative purpose.
  • A star witness, Gal Luft, who turned out to be a Chinese agent and an illegal arms trafficker on the run from American justice.
  • And the key piece of evidence ground, which launched the entire zany goose chase, and FD-1023 Form, in which the FBI duly recorded a completely fictional tips about a $5 million bribe to Vice President Biden peddled by Alex Smirnov, who has been criminally indicted by a Trump-appointed US Attorney, Special Counsel David Weiss, for felony counts of systematically lying to the FBI in constructing a false record about Joe Biden and now sits in jail in California as a flight risk while the world studies his long standing and extensive ties to Russian intelligence.

Today, the good Chairman and his ace MAGA detectives have finally jumped the shark. The Comedy of Errors comes crashing to an end, as House Republicans in more than a dozen Biden districts beg for mercy and the Committee throws a flabby Hail Mary pass three weeks after the Super Bowl is over. So today, we revisit the fruitless testimony of two more fading star witnesses who have failed to testify to any presidential wrongdoing, much less evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors.


Raskin’s assessment of Comer’s failures was brutal, and it happened with Chair Comer sitting right beside him and staring straight ahead as if he was having an out-of-body experience and pretending like he was not there.

Hopefully, Rep. Raskin is correct, and today will be the final day that the American people will be subjected to a sham investigation into President Joe Biden.

The country has serious business that must be taken care of, including the possibility of a partial government shutdown in four days.

Instead of dealing with important issues, House Republicans are playing impeachment, and putting on a show that they know is not going anywhere.

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