James Comer Melts Down As Biden Impeachment Collapses

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) melted down and claimed that it was conspiracy that hid all of the Biden impeachment evidence.

Here is the transcript of what Comer said on a Fox News radio show:

JIMMY FAILLA: Well, what’s so crazy about this is there’s this counter effort being made to try to sell the American public on the idea that you guys haven’t found anything, and I think we’re dealing here with actual living, breathing business partners testifying on the contrary, to quite an extent. So what do you liken this to? Is this Garland just trying to be a human shield for the president? Like what? What is this?

REP. JAMES COMER: Well, Garland’s working with the Deep State who’s working with the liberal mainstream media to try to indoctrinate into people’s minds that there’s no evidence.

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Comer later ranted about reporters investigating him and his own shell companies and shady deals with family members in Kentucky.

A deep state conspiracy is not the reason why there is no impeachment evidence against President Biden. The reason why there is no evidence of an impeachable offense is that, now hear me out on this, President Biden didn’t do anything wrong.

James Comer had himself so convinced that he could find something that could be justified as an impeachable offense that he forgot that there needed to be actual evidence to impeach the President Of The United States.

Comer put the investigation before the crime, and he has never been able to dig himself out of the hole of trying to find evidence to back up his allegations all of the while claiming to follow evidence that doesn’t actually exist.

James Comer has admitted defeat on impeachment, but instead of admitting that he wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on an empty partisan effort to help Donald Trump, Comer has decided to blame the deep state, and hope no one notices his massive failure.

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