James Comer claims that he lost his Biden corruption informant

House Republicans Trash James Comer And Call Him An Embarrassment And A Disaster

House Republicans are calling House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer an embarrassment, and his Biden impeachment investigation a disaster.

The Messenger reported:

House Republicans are increasingly disenchanted with Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., saying his leadership of the Biden impeachment inquiry has become a “clueless investigation” at best and — at worst — “a disaster.

Less than 10 months away from the 2024 election, his impeachment investigation is barreling toward its conclusion, with no smoking gun to bring the president to his knees. Only one thing is clear: Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has lost the trust of some in his own party.

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“James Comer continues to embarrass himself and House Republicans. He screws up over and over and over,” the source said. “I don’t know how Republicans actually impeach the president based on his clueless investigation and lack of leadership.”

Comer has screwed up over and over again, but he was also put in the impossible position of trying to impeach a president who has done nothing wrong. Comer is under pressure from Trump and the other MAGAs to impeach President Biden before the 2024 election. Since Comer has no evidence of an impeachable offense, he has resorted to cherry-picking witness testimony and making things up.

It is becoming increasingly clear that given the House’s reduced election year schedule, Biden impeachment is increasingly unlikely to happen. The original Kevin McCarthy plan was to launch an impeachment investigation and run it through the nominating conventions without holding an impeachment vote.

That plan when out the window when McCarthy was replaced and fired by House Republicans.

Impeachment is going nowhere. Comer has completely failed, and now his own party has turned on him.

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