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Jamie Raskin says Trump is continuing to provide aid and comfort to America's enemies on MSNBC's Inside with Jen Psaki.

Jamie Raskin Unloads On James Comer After Loan Hypocrisy Rocks GOP Biden Probe

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) unloaded on Chair James Comer (R-KY) for his family loan hypocrisy.

Rep. Raskin said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

It’s been a tough week for everyone but especially for people who gave their brother an interest-free $200,000 loan. This kind of fraternal generosity used to be lawful in America but the Republicans seem to think it’s a federal crime and impeachable offense against the Constitution, or at least they did think that until the shocking revelation today that Chairman Comer had actually given one of those sneaky family loans to his own brother. Admittedly, the Comer loan may be a little more suspicious than the Biden loan since there was a shell company involved with the Comer transaction, and we know from Chairman Comer how fishy all those shell companies are.

If that weren’t bad enough, voters across America, including in Kentucky, on Tuesday delivered Republicans a shellacking for their continuing fanaticism and extremism and, last night, another embarrassing GOP presidential primary debate revealed two more candidates’ intimate connections to Chinese money and political influence. To address this tidal wave of bad news, Chairman Comer does what anyone would do rather than abandon his flop of an investigation—issue more subpoenas!

This new pile of subpoenas and interview requests to yet more private citizens, including Eric Schwerin who already sat down with the Committee for multiple hours to explain the President was not involved in his family members’ business ventures—a fact Chairman Comer has not just ignored but denied.

What Chairman Comer and Congressional Republicans want the American people to believe is that this investigation is about the facts. But at every turn, Chairman Comer has been met with evidence that shows President Biden has committed no wrongdoing, much less an impeachable offense. Rather than accept the facts and the evidence, Chairman Comer has instead decided to abuse the Committee’s authority, degrade Congressional subpoena power, and erode our Constitution in service of former President Trump’s petty personal vendetta by harassing private citizens with conspiracy theories and embarrassing lies.

There is still time for Chairman Comer and Congressional Republicans to accept the truth and the facts: there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden.

Now the nation understands how Rep. Comer knew so much about loans to family, and potentially why he thinks that such loans are corrupt.

The answer can be found in Comer’s own use of shell companies and loans to his brother.

Rep. Raskin was correct. There is plenty of time for House Republicans to wake up and accept the truth and the facts. President Biden hasn’t done anything wrong. Republicans have no evidence that Biden did anything wrong. The more James Comer digs the more his own secrets are being exposed.

If Republicans follow through with Biden impeachment, it could backfire on them in ways that they have never considered. The revelations about Comer are only the beginning.

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