Jamie Raskin talks about Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Inside with Jen Psaki.

Jamie Raskin Tells The Blunt Truth About Donald Trump

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) compared Trump with Biden and called the former president a huckster, rip-off artist, who is a danger to the republic.

Raskin said on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki:

They have ruined the Republican Party. It started as an antislavery, pro-freedom, pro-immigration, anti-Know Nothing party. And they’ve reduced it to a cult of authoritarian personality where Donald Trump, even yesterday, is engaging in what is essentially pro-slavery anti-union rhetoric, saying that Abraham Lincoln could have avoided the Civil War by accepting the so-so-called Crittenden compromise, which was a pro-slavery-compromise-that-would have constitutional slavery for all time.

And this is what they’ve done to the Republican Party. So it’s true. He’s got this. I’m rubber. You’re glue strategy that when Joe Biden and the Democrats call them out for the authoritarian collapse of their party, they say no, it’s you, it’s you attacking democracy. And we just have to go out and educate America about what actually has happened and trust in the good common sense of the people that they will recognize in Joe Biden, you know, an honorable public servant who’s been devoted to the common good his entire life versus Donald Trump, who is a huckster, a rip-off artist, a pathological liar, and a threat to the republic.

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Video of Raskin:

Raskin was right. The Trump strategy is to project on to Democrats what he is doing. Trump isn’t destroying the Republican Party, It’s Democrats who are destroying the Democratic Party. Trump isn’t a threat to democracy. Biden is the threat to democracy.

It would be silly if the country’s fate wasn’t in balance. For Donald Trump, politics is about moving on to the next grift or the next con.

The goal is always to gain political power because power is the path to avoiding accountability and getting more money.

It is all a grift, a con, and in many cases a crime. Trump is willing to end democracy for his gain, and that is why voters need to understand the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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